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Ace of Arenas – an interesting game in the genre MOBA on android. The essence of the game has not changed since the creation of games of this genre. You need with the help of your hero, destroying everyone and everything on your way to destroy the enemy’s main base. Your character will have a fairly wide range of different skills to achieve the goal. On both sides you will be attacked by strange creatures, whom you will mercilessly destroy. For defeated enemies you are credited with coins. Use free Cheats Ace of Arenas.

By accumulating a tidy sum, you can spend it inside the game store. In the game Ace of Arenas a large set of equipment, items that increase attack, protection and health. Depending on the type of character you choose, you can also purchase the necessary items. There are magical items to increase the power of spells, and there are items to increase the strength and range of fire. You can unlock all items after downloading Ace of Arenas mod apk.

Ace of Arenas mod

Secrets and Tips:

At the choice of the game is a fairly large number of characters, so you can go through it more than once, choosing each time a different hero. Locations are quite diverse and when you play the game you will be interested in the constantly changing situation. But the gameplay requires you to beat and destroy the attacking creatures, earning and spending throughout the game. Try our new hacked games Floors and Clouds and Sheep 2.

In the game Ace of Arenas the graphics are far from ideal, the pictures though are saturated with bright colors. But everything is somehow vague and the lack of detailed depictions spoils the overall beauty of locations. The soundtrack, and especially the sound effects in the game are picked up rather original. And this at least somehow raises its assessment. But in general, lovers of the genre MOBA game should like it. Although it is inferior in many respects to the best of them.

Ace of Arenas codes


The company GAEA Mobile welcomes fans of the genre of the game MOVA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) with the exciting game Ace of Arenas! The game has good graphics, it’s easy to set up, it has innovative control. And you can immediately immerse yourself in exciting game battles that can be played in format 1 versus 1, 2 against 2, 3 against 3.

Choose your hero to your liking, fight against other players and teams in the enchanting magical worlds. Raise the level of your character, and help raise it to your team-mates! Do not forget to coordinate with the allies, undertake joint operations, jointly defend. And together defeat your enemies in fascinating battles, destroying enemy bases. If you lack the resources for this wonderful game. Then download the cheat Ace of Arenas for Android and iOS.

Ace of Arenas cheat

Cheats for Hack Ace of Arenas, Android and iOS for free:

  • Unlock + 470 000 Gold Coins – Hc-rhr3w9th
  • Unlock + 130 000 Gems (Crystals) for free – Vy-h287qrgf
  • No Ads – Gf-g783wgf

Once installed, the player will never experience a shortage of funds to solve the game problems, and there will not be a need to spend too much time searching for them. Hacking is easy to install and does not require any special skills for this, and its functionality will allow you to forget about the permanent problem of the deficit of coins, so necessary in certain game episodes, allowing you to raise your hero’s level and pump his capabilities. Also, hacked Ace of Arenas will give you not only unlimited gold, but also it gives endless crystals that will be so useful in exciting game battles! Download cheat, fight and defeat your opponents from around the globe!


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