Adventure Time Game Wizard is a fun platformer that is made in the style of the well-known cartoon series Adventure Time. However, everything is not as simple as it may seem at first glance. In the hacked Adventure Time Game Wizard has a full-fledged level editor. And also the player will have an excellent opportunity to create his own unique world.

The game begins with a small introductory cartoon that reveals the essence of the plot. In the cartoon, they show us how Finn and his friend, dog Jake, find a certain magic book. And then they find out that if you draw something in this book, it will come to life. In general, it turns out that they themselves create adventures and begin to pass them. But later the book will be in the hands of other gameplay heroes, namely, the Snow King, Princess Bubylgum, Marceline and others. All of these characters will add new adventures, not without humor. However, the evil sorcerer Karakul, who creates not very funny pictures, will interfere with the enjoyment of creativity. Also, you can download Adventure Time Game Wizard mod apk for free.

Adventure Time Game Wizard codes

Secrets and Tips:

Use cheats Adventure Time Game Wizard to get unlimited resources for free. After watching the cartoon, the player enters the main gameplay menu. In fact, starting a game, you find yourself in a full-fledged platformer in which you are invited to collect coins and keys, checkpoints, fight with many enemies and bosses. Nevertheless, the game is made in a cheerful comic style, where the whole entourage is drawn as a cartoon. In the paragraph called “Creativity” you will be given a great opportunity to create your own levels. This is done quite simply, and even a six-year-old child will be able to intuitively deal with it.

Moreover, the gamer is offered two different options for creating a level. You can draw the level directly on the tablet’s display, or you can do it on ordinary paper and scan the image into the game. Thus, the game Adventure Time: The Master of Games acquires a completely fascinating significance. So it becomes interesting for everyone to play in their own created level. Making conclusions, it is absolutely possible to say that such a game as Adventure Time Game Wizard will suit absolutely everyone. Especially those gamers who like to dream. Below you can download hack Adventure Time Game Wizard for a lot of money.

Adventure Time Game Wizard mod

Unlock all items, free reources:

Finn and Jake confront a new villain, the Sorcerer Karakul! Fight his evil spirits in numerous locations, among which are already known to the players of Pastures, the Empire of Sweetness and the Snow Kingdom! But the most important thing is that you can create your own game! Learn secret characters to add new elements to your games. You can use the built-in editor or draw a level on paper, and then transfer it using the camera.

Probably many are familiar with Finn and Jake from the animated series and games Adventure Time. But if not – then let’s get acquainted. Finn and Jake are the popular heroes of the animated series for children, they find the magical book “Master of the Games”, in which the painted figures come to life and can be controlled. In addition, you can download other hacked games: HOOKBlocky Farm for free.


So the main characters painted themselves and were transferred to the book. But they were in trouble – getting to know the evil sorcerer Karakul who wants to paint the whole book with his scribbles. The team of heroes will visit different places of the painted world of Zemel Uuu, so they will pass pasture, empires of sweetness, snow kingdom, dungeon and other places where they will fight with a scribbled army.

Adventure Time Game Wizard cheat

Cheats Adventure Time Game Wizard is a great game for children and fans of the series “Adventure Time”, where the player needs to complete levels in which you need to walk, jump, fight, collect coins, find keys and different abilities. The player can pass the finished levels or try to create your own. In a special design mode, you draw a platform, place dangers, enemies, coins, and other targets and begin to pass. You can also draw a finished level on an ordinary piece of paper and then take a picture to transfer your creativity to the game. This can be an inspiration for your children who are not particularly eager to paint.

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