The company Lilithgames, the creators of the games Soul Hunters and Art of Conquest released a new game. AFK Arena, this is a card game on your mobile. You can play it anywhere, enjoying a unique development system. You can download the game on Android, iOS. The application will move you into a fantastic world with hundreds of kinds of hero.

Collect a team with unique skills to destroy evil. To complete the mission you will need money and precious stones. Hacked AFK Arena, this is the original game using the code. So you can unlock the paid sets and enjoy the gameplay without restrictions. But first, let’s get acquainted with the game itself.

Collect cards

To challenge the kingdom of Esperia, you need to have the power. Each hero has unique abilities, they will complement your team. Mod AFK Arena for Android allows you to plunge into a fantastic journey through different kingdoms. Discover new locations, destroying crowds of enemies. The game is distributed through the system free-to-play and has purchases, you can bypass them using promotional codes.

AFK Arena hack

The colorful world is full of magic and heroes. A lot of characters, each of which belongs to one of the factions. Graveborn, Lightbearers, Maulers and Wilders, they will skillfully cooperate and complement each other. Each class has hundreds of skills and abilities that you can use in combat. Using diamonds, premium currency, you can quickly train and develop their abilities to the maximum level.

Game process

Card battles take place automatically, enemies meet in the arena. Using the cards at the bottom of the screen, you can include special abilities and inflict maximum damage to the enemy. Downloading AFK Arena mod apk allows you to build a unique team for battles and test them online. Go on an expedition to a new kingdom. Each battle will bring coins, diamonds can be obtained with the help of codes.

To quickly defeat the enemy, use special skills. With the help of money you can quickly raise their level and unlock new heroes. Each battle will bring new trophies, destroy animals and use prey to raise the level. Each time you can get special bonuses in the game, confidently winning in battle.


Card game has a simple graphics that will move you to a fantastic world. Cheat codes AFK Arena money enables you to quickly unlock hundreds of cards that are unique and have high detail. During the battle, you will not look at the collision of cards, but on real 3D models that will meet face to face. This gives the battle dynamics, and you will influence the battle with the help of special skills.

AFK Arena cheat

In order not to depend on the daily bonuses of the game, everyone can use cheats. Rapid growth of the level and additional trophies make the game even more pleasant. Speed ​​up the passage process, raise the level and unlock the new Royal Towers. Fight and defeat enemies, learn labyrinths and get valuable rewards and rare abilities.

AFK Arena hack for Android and iOS:

• 250 000 gold coins, the code is F-gfg3u40g
• Code for a lot of money, add 12,500 diamonds – N-gh309wf
• Disable ads in the game – K-th9qfbpo


  1. This is my favorite game. I love it! With this codes I can do what I want. This is the best website I have never seen before. I love it!!

  2. This is my favorite game. I love it! With this codes I can do what I want. This is the best website I have never seen before. I love it!!


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