Angry Birds Dream Blast hack

The game Angry Birds Dream Blast, is a new puzzle from the company Rovio Entertainment Corporation. The creators of the famous games: Angry Birds Go, Angry Birds Transformers and other games involving evil birds. This time you can enjoy simple. but addicting puzzle. A large number of interesting levels, destroy evil pigs, collect eggs and get experience points and moenty. Hacked Angry Birds Dream Blast will help to quickly restore lives, and also get additional coins for purchases. Follow the prompts and get more fun from the game.

Game features

Since there are a lot of games involving these characters. Gamers are not so easy to surprise, so Angry Birds Dream Blast for Android has a number of features that attract attention. Most of the game resembles 3 in a row, but here the bubbles are placed more chaotically. Collect them in the largest possible pile and blow up. Each time, the player receives tasks to collect certain balls, or destroy obstacles.

Angry Birds Dream Blast cheat

First you need to get acquainted with the task. It is important to do only the necessary movements, because the number of moves is limited. You will also meet with eternal enemies. Pigs will block access balls with chains and other obstacles. Use explosions to open the path and complete the level. It’s simple, fun and interesting. Angry Birds Dream Blast mod can be downloaded on Android, a version for iOS is available. The game will appeal to gamers of different ages.

Game process

This puzzle does not have a standard passage. Each time the balls are poured in a random order. You need to skillfully blow up the balls to collect the maximum number of points. You need to try to leave the maximum number of unused moves, this will allow you to get extra points. Money Angry Birds Dream Blast will allow you to unlock levels and use additional boosters.

Angry Birds Dream Blast mod

In addition to coins in the game there is a currency in the form of lives. Each unsuccessful attempt takes one life and takes time to restore it. The limitation in the form of energy greatly hinders the passage of tasks, each time you have to wait, or spend money on restoration. To complete difficult levels, you will need additional boosters, or many attempts.

The lives of Angry Birds Dream Blast play a key role. Without them you can not continue, and this greatly spoils the impression of the game. Cheat codes allow you to restore hearts in seconds. Just learn how to enter bonus codes in the game. It gives freedom and makes the experience more interesting.

Graphics and sounds

Beautiful and vivid graphics are present in every game of Rovio. Bright 3D elements, colorful characters, high-quality animation and effects. Help the birds wake up and get to the next level. To do this, you need to blow up the falling balls and collect combinations from them. The game draws its simplicity, but with each level of complexity increases. The game will be interesting for children and adults. Angry Birds Dream Blast cheats will be useful to players who want to achieve a high level.

Angry Birds Dream Blast codes

It is impossible to play without shopping, life ends too quickly. To solve problems, use boosters, spending coins on them, you can use them more often. Combine the maximum number of balls. to get extra points. Develop skills and increase the strength of their explosions. Due to the variety of tasks, the levels are interesting. Follow the instructions to get additional resources and quickly pass a difficult level.

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