Angry Birds Go hack

Free game Angry Birds Go! – will compete in speed, playing your favorite heroes – evil-pious birds. Participate in racing, collect money, pump your car and take first place. In the game you are waited by dizzying races, drift, super complicated jumps, abrupt turns and puzzling lines. First you are invited to choose a car. Then mode. In the birds there are many modes – this is the usual race, time “boom”, fruit Splat, time trial, championship and mega match. Hacked Engry Birds Go will allow you to focus only on the game.

Bleeding of the car for speed, jewelry control and engine power is carried out using the game currency collected in the game. Therefore, do not disdain the coins with which the racing track is strewn. Also the prize places bring good money. Especially the champion place. Each driver in the game Angry Birds Go cheat codes, designed for Android devices, waiting for unique powers and the ability to pump their cars.

Angry Birds Go codes

Birds against Pigs:

Be prepared for the fact that sometimes under the wheels of your race car the earth will disappear, and you literally have to switch to the regime of flying flight. Also you are waiting for other surprises from the developers. So. On your marks! Attention! Forward to the victory! You can download Angry Birds Go mod apk for free and fast.

Participate in the race, be on the alert. After all, you compete with pigs. Therefore, in addition to the difficulties that will give you the race track in the game full version, the mod is infinite money, you are also waiting for various podlyanki from those who have a stigma in the gun. So do not relax. Stronger hold on the steering wheel, more gas at the corners or vice versa, slow down.

Angry Birds Go free

You can use a lot of free Gems Angry Birds Go for free. In addition, it is an exciting game on android. In which the struggle of evil birds and brave piggybacks reached racing competitions. The development is managed by the same company Rovio, which gave users of smartphones and tablets a large number of interesting applications, including Bad Piggies, Fruit Nibblers and, of course, a dozen adventures of courageous birds.

Secrets and Tips:

The plot as a matter of fact has not undergone any changes. Feathered hungry for revenge, on this they went to the Svinsky Island to take part in dynamic racing races. A traditional slingshot a user launches a car with a bird on the track, after which the struggle for the championship begins. The racing component is realized magnificently. A variety of tracks Angry Birds Go hack will please fans of drive driving, and the system of bonuses will allow you to gain a temporary advantage over the opponents. During the arrival it is necessary to collect coins, competently placed in different locations.

For game currencies, you can upgrade for vehicles, and also purchase new cars and other valuables in a special store. The visual part of the game is flawless. The diversity of locations pleases the eye, because all the elements are drawn perfectly, down to the smallest detail. Management is very convenient. On both sides of the screen there are buttons for turns, and on the right are available improvements.

Angry Birds Go gems


Angry Birds Go mod – a quality race for mobile devices. Thoughtful gempley introduces a breath of fresh air of the universe of feathered creatures. The application will appeal not only to fans of the series, but also to fans of spectacular and exciting racing simulators. In total, in this game, the developers have created five episodes, each of which (with the exception of Seedway), includes 54 tracks.

In addition to them, you can participate in two additional small episodes: the first – a weekly match. And the second – the battle mode with other racers, where to defeat, you need to break the opponent’s car. In this case, in the first four episodes, there are five game modes. They include, as the race alone for a while, and various competitions on the routes of different complexity, with other characters. In addition, a victory in a special mode (Champion Chase) – to allow access to new characters. Race cars can both be done by themselves, and buy for game currency.

Angry Birds Go mod


Because the model of auto – can be very different. From a self-made car, designed from a soapbox, to a first-class sports car with unusual twists. The characteristics of the machine itself, can be improved by collecting or obtaining coins. When the maximum improvements are achieved for this model, it becomes a higher-class machine and will have to be upgraded to the next stage. Manage the machine in the game Angry Birds Go! You can simply tilt the device on which the game is launched or by moving your fingers on the screen.

If the car encounters other race participants, it may be damaged or destroyed. In addition to the characteristics of the machines themselves, the unique abilities of the characters themselves will play a significant role in the race. Abilities can vary depending on the game mode. For example, a character like Shlemak can rotate a helmet around himself and shoot down other players, and in Champion Chase mode (duel of players) – he throws himself with dynamite boxes. It should be noted that in the Angry Birds Go cheats! – There is also an opportunity to play for both birds and their eternal enemies.

Angry Birds Go cheat

Cheat codes Angry Birds Go Hack, Android and iOS free:

  • Box of Gems for free – Ub-b39ewf8c
  • Free Double Coins Forever – Yn-rf37fg9
  • Unlock All Kart Offers for free – Sq-hy039we

The game itself is created using three-dimensional graphics. What makes it even more attractive and colorful. And thus, is, one of the first games of this series, that has been translated and into Russian. The game currency in the Evil Poots Go is coins and more rarely found crystals. And the coins are used to purchase improvements to the sports car and some types of cars, crystals are needed, in addition to buying cars, also to restore the energy of the characters (allows you to use personal abilities). Also for the crystals you can buy – PowerUps, that is, small advantages, like acceleration, etc. All this makes the game unusual, interesting and truly exciting. Also, try the game Angry Birds Epic hack.


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