Angry Birds Star Wars 2 – choose the side on which you will perform in the space game arcade on the epic Star Wars. This time, you are not limited only to the bright side. But you can also make an appointment under the banner of the sinister Darth Maul or his swine Majesty Emperor Palpatine. In total, in the game hack Angry Birds Star Wars 2 for the platforms of Android 30 original characters. And you have the opportunity to change them during the game.

The game has a story component that relates us to the days gone by, when the galaxy was ruled by cruel pigs. A group of brave birds rose up against them. The whole further course is determined by you. Take the side of the rebels or the empire and write your version of this story. The full hacked version of hacked Angry Birds Star Wars 2 cheat codes will please fans. With magnificent cartoon graphics and a wonderful sound in the original arrangement.

Angry Birds Star Wars 2 cheat

Tips & Secrets:

The characters are given characteristic characters from the space blockbuster. Birds and Pigs as they pass become more experienced in the art of war, and for you once more new types of more deadly weapons are blocked. You need a tablet or phone to play. Download Angry Birds Star Wars 2 mod for free and fast. The gameplay is controlled by touching the screen. Levels are recouped in different locations. This is the surface of planets, space stations and ships, palaces of pigs and rebel bases of robo-birds.

The main characters, in the form of all known personalities of the epic “Star Wars” – converge in a deadly battle for the right to rule in the universe. Among the coalition of the forces of good (Jedi), you can play for such heroes as: Anakin Skywalker, master Yoda, Mason Windu, etc. In addition, in the new game, it will be possible to expose the lightsaber and for the forces of evil – the swinish federation.

Unlock all items for free:

On the side of the federation will be such anti-heroes as: Darth Vader, Darth Maul and others. In total there are about three dozen different heroes in the game. But some of them, you have to buy for bonus money or for real investments. Moreover, in the game store, you can buy a collection of some hero, and then make it into the game and play them as a bonus character.

Angry Birds Star Wars 2 mod

The developers of Angry Birds Star Wars 2 and this time did not disappoint the expectations of their fans. The exciting gameplay of the game, drawn with the use of two-dimensional graphics. It will bring quite a bit of fun to the players and on screens with a large expansion. And a lot of hidden levels, various achievements, the availability of comics and access to viewing online cartoons. Angry Birds Toons – will not allow players to tear themselves away from the game, until it completely passes.

Epic Birds wars:

Among some drawbacks of the game cheats Angry Bird Star Wars 2. It can be noted that some characters in the game store are quite expensive. But each of the 30 heroes, has a unique ability. Which allows you to choose a character, as they say, in nature. On each side, the player will have to rise from the initial level (Jedi-jungling or Sith) to the top of the development. Having passed thorny and full of dangers, even at 15 levels.

The possibility of an easy change of character, will make it possible not to dwell on any one. But to play a variety of things, which will bring a pleasant variety to the gameplay. Thus, the game Angry Birds Star Wars 2 – will give a lot of pleasant minutes. Not only to fans of their previous versions, but also will please fans of the famous epic George Lucas. For those who do not want to save money for a long time and want to have a lot of them in the game. You can download hacked Angry Birds Star Wars 2 game and calmly pass all levels.

Game process:

Added a cosmic spirit in a completely earthly story about evil birds and ridiculous round pigs, it turned out a separate saga: Angry Birds Star Wars 2 cheats. And you are given to become its participant and the winner. The plot fully corresponds to the film, but more free. This game is a continuation of popular game Angry Birds Star Wars.

Angry Birds Star Wars 2 codes

In the hands of the player all the cards, there are more than 30 different characters revealed, from the huge, hairy and taciturn Chubaka, to the gloomy, silent and monstrous in all his manifestations of Darth Vader, horrifying. You will be able to visit both sides of the confrontation in order to choose the right opponent.

Hack Angry Birds Star Wars 2 cheat codes, Android and iOS, free:

  • Huge Credit Stack – Yc-hgr8ws
  • No Ads – Wa-2gqf9sw
  • Unlock + 3 Items – Pn-hf732q0

In Angry Birds Star Wars 2 you can roam in 9 huge locations, open to war with the rebels or the all-powerful empire. In addition to the existing characters, you can enter your own using the camera and the TELEPODS function. It is enough to scan the figure and it already fights for you in the world of droids, power and lightsabers. Now the legend will come to life on the screens of phones and tablets, and the fate of the galaxy is now in the hands of mobile gamers. And may the power come with you.


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