Arena of Valor – this is an exciting action with high-quality graphics and multiplayer mode. Because the game is very similar to the world-famous Dota 2, then the gameplay will be similar. You will have 5 players who fight against the same as you and try to destroy their base. What is important is that all players are real. It can be like your friends and completely unknown people from all over the world. It is you who choose who will be on your team. Downloading Arena of Valor mod apk will help you improve the game.

Secrets and Tips:

First of all, you need to build your base and strengthen it as much as possible. Then it will be more difficult for the enemy to destroy it. The game will continue until one of the teams lose their main building. As a result, you will have to start all over again. After choosing a character, do not forget to equip it from head to toe. You can gain experience and coins by killing enemy creeps. Finally, you can buy yourself whatever you want, new artifacts.

Arena of Valor cheat

But if the lack of resources greatly affects your gameplay, then you can use Arena of Valor cheat codes for money and crystals. Then everything will be possible. To upgrade your character, as well as for shopping in the game, you will also need resources, without them you can not do. Inviting friends into the game, you can create an invincible team and fight until the last victory.

Features in this game:

  • Great for your mobile device.
  • Simple operation that does not require additional settings.
  • More than 40 fearless heroes are waiting when you choose them.
  • A unique experience that does not exist in other games.
  • Quick integration with other players.
  • Matches with a duration of only 10 minutes.
  • The opportunity to unite with friends.
  • A large number of skills that can also be improved.

Arena of Valor mod

Arena of Valor 5v5 Arena Game – epic RPG, in which the player is waiting for a lot of mighty heroes. In total there are about forty of them, and they are all divided into several classes: Warriors, Gunslingers, Sorcerers, Assassins, Tanks and Assistants. All classes have unique skills and abilities that will be useful in combat.


The user needs to select several characters and build a battle-worthy team. The detachment will go to the arena, where it will fight with the opponents and will try to gain the upper hand. Also, there is a story campaign and the possibility of joining the clans.

Hacked Arena of Valor for Android and iOS, you can forever forget about the lack of resources. And the game will become even more exciting and interesting. No more settings or downloads. Do not need to also enter your personal data into the game, because it’s no longer relevant. You should not download mods either. All details and detailed. the instruction you can look on our site. Since the codes are completely safe for any of your devices, you can not worry about them. Enjoy the gameplay, here’s what you left.

Arena of Valor codes

Cheats Arena of Valor Hack for Android and iOS:

  • Use the code, and get 500 000 money in the game – Hb-hwf9s
  • Cheat code for 50 000 crystals per game, free – Pl-h2q0hw9f

How to use cheats Arena of Valor for free:

Using codes is easy. Since you can use them many times, you will not need resources until the end of the game. You can use free other hacks, for example o the game Garena Free Fire for Android and iOS.


  1. Amazing game and hack! I am happy to use this cheats, thanks so much for hack!
    Is by far my favorite mobile game of all time.


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