Hack ARK: Survival Evolved, this is a unique survival game that has migrated to mobile devices. Ancient style and the ability to tame dragons. Thanks to this, it quickly became popular, millions of gamers around the world play in the game on PCs and mobile devices. With the transition of the game for Android, iOS, gamers began to play anywhere.

This allows you to spend interesting time and develop faster. The game is free, but for the money you can get additional resources in the form of amber and double experience. ARK: Survival Evolved cheats are available to gamers for free, in this article you will learn about the hidden features of the game, but first get to know her better. Download ARK: Survival Evolved mod apk for free.


After downloading the game you will move to an island called Ark. In the neighborhood with you will live dinosaurs and you need to get used to them and even breed for your own purposes. The game is developed on the basis of the famous movie “Jurassic Park” and with the help of the game you will be able to build your own desks. Use weapons and equipment to build and defend your own village. ARK: Survival Evolved on Android, iOS has dozens of dinosaur species that you can breed and use as weapons and protection.

ARK: Survival Evolved hack

First, you will have to craft games, collecting things and initial items. Each dinosaur requires a special approach to tame different species, you need to have special skills. Participating in battles, you can earn experience and new skills. Use pets as a means of rapid movement, or flying. These skills will allow you to explore the territory with a high and more detailed map. Explore the situation, learn the enemy and use the information as an advantage during the battle.

The game is special in that you can use dinosaurs as weapons and additional skills. Each pet has special skills. ARK Money: Survival Evolved, gives a significant advantage in passing and the opportunity to earn additional experience.

A battle in the game can start at any time to defeat the enemy you need skills and unique abilities. Expand the list of dinosaurs and expand your domain. The victory will not take long. The competition in the game is very large, but using the ARK codes: Survival Evolved, the player has a significant advantage. Rapid leveling and extra money give freedom.

Graphics and sound

The game has a fantastic graphics with a unique style. This applies to the PC version of the game, as well as the console. As for the mobile version, it is much stripped down, but retained the style and colors. 3D graphics made it possible to create clear dinosaur models, animation and high detail items. Maps, locations and pets themselves have a realistic and clear view. It will plunge you into the story with a head, along with professional sounds.

ARK: Survival Evolved cheat

The quality of the game on mobile phones is much inferior but allows you to enjoy the game in any place. Hacked ARK: Survival Evolved, is available to everyone and for this it is not necessary to download additional cheats, bots, or fashions. Using the bonus codes, everyone can get sets of resources and quickly improve their level. Downloading the game and using tricks, you can be the hero of the movie with unlimited possibilities.

The game is worth the attention of all fans of the dinosaurs and the genre of survival. Unique gameplay, beautiful graphics and limitless possibilities. Unlock 80 kinds of dinosaurs, collect items and create unique weapons and expand your possessions on the map.

ARK: Survival Evolved Cheats:

• 200 Ancient Amber – KtV # zqPRg0
• Primal Pass Yearly – R4Y # KgblnH



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