Every gamer knows about the popular, computer game Grand Theft Auto from Rockstar Game. At one time, this game had a very nice graphics and interesting missions that attracted millions of users around the world. It is also available for download to mobile, but it requires great power for your phone. Auto Theft Gangsters, this game is created for GTA fans who want to experience freedom and pass assignments on the phone. The game is good enough graphics and favorite gameplay, but the weight of the game is minimal, so everyone can download it for themselves. But most of the players in the GTA are accustomed to using cheats, so in this game, codes are also available. Auto Theft Gangsters a lot of money can be obtained with cheat codes, but first consider the game itself.

Description of the game

The game was available for download on February 10 last year, you can download Auto Theft Gangsters for Android for free and quickly. It weighs only 25 MB and probably will not appear on iOS. It is attractive with an interesting story and free gameplay.

Auto Theft Gangsters hack

Extensive maps with a large city, restaurants, buildings, cafes. But in the game you will get to know the criminal world, which has penetrated into all aspects of life. Drugs, weapons and constant skirmishes. The organized crime of the city is very chaotic and even the police can not stop the terrorists. And you do not need to fight crime in the game, you can head it and become the boss. Do crime, earn experience and respect and raise your level. Auto Theft Gangsters mod for a lot of money, you need those who want to become a real tycoon and take a leading position.

Style of play

As in the GTA, here you can freely move around the city, performing tasks. At any time you can start a fight with a passerby, steal a motorcycle, or a car and leave for a task. With money you will be able to use powerful weapons and destroy enemies and police that will surely haunt you. To the game does not end, you need to leave the chase, just as you can use the cheat Auto Theft Gangsters for immortality to the game. This will also help to pass complicated zaniiya the first time.

The game has many challenging but interesting missions. You can go through them several times, earning money and additional experience. If it’s difficult to go through a mission, you can always turn immortality on and take a more powerful weapon. This will quickly complete all the missions in the game and press the city of Liberty City for you.

Auto Theft Gangsters cheats


Of course, do not expect high-level graphics in such an easy game. But the developers were able to build an excellent 3D city with a high enough detail. Images of streets, characters and cars are described quite well. If you want an easy, but interesting game on your smartphone, then Auto Theft Gangsters should you like. There are beautiful girls, a free city and interesting assignments.

Hack Auto Theft Gangsters

Everyone can get a lot of money in the game and include immortality, for this you need to use encrypted codes. How to use them you learn in the article, use tricks and get from the game even more fun and freedom.

• 1,000,000 of money – 80WE55IOMW
• Immortality (to disable you need to restart the game, or enter the code again) – 3FTEU6VEC3
• Double experience – 0317BYKDJ2


  1. Is one of my favourite games. It had keep my eyes and fingers on the phone till the battery lows.
    Have level 46 but class 2 weapon, as my armor and accessories already class 5. Hate time not able to get good weapons as other players.
    Thank you for the codes

  2. This is the best game I’ve ever played! Many thanks for the real hack! These codes really helped me. Simply super!


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