Ax Champ hack

The new game Ax Champ, is a free casual game from the company ZPLAY game. You can download the mod for free on Android, access the same version on iOS. Start the game and participate in endless gameplay. Throw axes right on target and gain precious experience. Each attempt is an opportunity to set a new record and be on the leaderboard. Hacked Ax Champ will allow you to turn off advertisements and make the game at times more pleasant.

About the game

New game from the creators of Will Hero, Beat Racer and other famous games. Ax Champ mod has a number of features and hundreds of interesting tasks. First you need to learn how to throw axes. This should be done right on target, each hit must be exactly on target. Throwing without errors, you can reach a high level and set a new record. An interesting and exciting process will appeal to adults and children.

Ax Champ mod

To download the game, enough to have 46 MB of free space. Each attempt will have a different level. All achievements will depend on the skill to throw exactly at the goal. Since the difficulty in the process of passing increases, you need to constantly improve skills. In particular, you need to be able to calculate the trajectory and speed of movement of objects. The number of attempts is unlimited, and you can play anywhere.

Game process

The first tasks are very simple, they are more educational. Ax Champ on Android includes tasks of varying complexity. Also on the field there are deadly goals, hitting them, you lose. Getting to the task and you in the arsenal is a limited number of axes. To break the goal, you need to make the maximum number of hits. No need to hurry, because time is unlimited.

Accurately aim and throw the ax. Each hit is extra points in the total score. During the game you will meet tasks of varying complexity. You need maximum concentration and relaxation to achieve success in the game. It’s simple and fun, and Ax Champ cheats will help turn off ads and play without ads. It saves time and allows you to focus on the main thing.

Ax Champ cheat

Graphics and sounds

A simple game has 2D graphics, while it is very much alive with high detail. Animation and effects contribute to immersion in the process. Each level is a new goal and trajectory. Since the physics remains the same, you will always be ready to throw. Each player can use Ax Champs on iOS. Following the prompts in the instructions you can get an advantage and show the best result.

Educational game will absorb your attention for a long time. Play with friends and share achievements on social networks. Achieve high results and get a unique and interesting experience. This colorful ax game will make you repeat the experience again and again.

Ax Champ Hack, Android and iOS:

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