Ax Climber hack

Download Ax Climber mod for free for Android, iOS. The game is available in Google Play, Apple Store. This is an endless arcade game with addictive gameplay. In it, you will confront mountain obstacles and try to climb as high as possible. Set a new record will not be easy, you need accuracy and concentration. Hacked Ax Climber makes the game a bit enjoyable, so you can play without ads. Everyone can get a premium version of the game on their Android, iOS device.

About the game

This is a unique adventure for fans of simple arcades. Downloading Ax Climber mod for Android has an original gameplay and a well-implemented idea. Take part in a dangerous adventure, try to conquer the endless mountain and show the best result. And thanks to social networks, you can compare your achievements with the results of your friends and compete. Since the game is full of dangers, you need to skillfully bypass obstacles, respond to avalanches.

Ax Climber mod

Use cheats Ax Climber for free and fast. Setting a new record, you can write it in the table of general leaders and get an additional reward. Collect gems to unlock new skins. You can play without access to the Internet, so you can turn off ads. But the results you can not save in the overall leaderboard, and also share with friends. Therefore, use codes to unlock characters and disable ads. This will make the game more interesting and enjoyable to play.

Game process

First of all, it is arakada and the gameplay is quite simple, so you can play the smallest. Despite this, adults can spend hours in the game to improve their performance. Ax Climber mod for money allows you to open new characters. The number of points scored will depend on your skills. In order not to view ads between each attempt, you can disable it with the help of promotional codes. In addition, you can download other hacked games: Wonderball Heroes and HUNTER × HUNTER Greed Adventure for free.

Ax Climber cheat

You will make ascents with the help of an ice ax. Since every time you choose its length, you can bypass obstacles. To make a safe ascent, you need to skillfully bypass avalanches, areas with spikes and other obstacles. To use a hoe, you do not need to have special skills. Release the button at a certain point and take a new step. First you need to get used to and get used to the management, so you can control the distance of each step.

Free crystals

As the number of traps increases with height, you need to be prepared. Avalanches, spikes, soft soil and other obstacles make the path dangerous. Thanks to the extension cord, you can safely and safely climb to a great height. Ax Climber can be played on any platform, it is enough to have codes and be able to use them.

In the process of passing you can collect crystals. Red stones are the currency of the game. With their help, you can unlock new characters and improve performance. They also give access to new costumes, and this brings diversity to the game. Ax Climber crystals using cheat codes can be screwed, this will allow you to freely buy any items in the game.

Ax Climber codes

Graphics and sounds

First of all, this is an arcade game, so the graphics in the game are quite simple. 2D graphics copes with the task and does not limit the experience. In addition, it allowed to make the game easier and simpler. A large number of players can download the game and do not delete it from the phone. Ax Climber mod takes 50 Mb and provides access to endless and exciting gameplay.

Spectacular movements, dangerous avalanches and sounds will help you feel the adrenaline and increase the speed of the heartbeat. A fun and challenging game gives you an unforgettable and unique experience. To use hacking, you do not need to break the rules of the game. With the help of codes, you can enable the necessary functions and enjoy the passage of the game. Set new records and share them in the comments.

Cheat codes Ax Climber hack, Android and iOS:

  • 10,000 crystals, free – ZGH_WhM8bu
  • Disable advertising – Q92_0JO9GS
  • Premium – L1C_2sbyyh


  1. Very good hack, thank you. Now I’m the coolest 🙂 Thanks for the help guys. Your codes have helped me save money, the game has become much more interesting.


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