Battle Bay – this is an interesting shooter, which requires you to quickly respond and accuracy. You need to fight real opponents in real time on high waves. You have only two options for completing the game – to win or drown. Which exactly you depends on depends on you. To begin with, you need to select a ship, install all you need, including cannons, and together with your comrades, fight back for the enemy.

Teams are five players. And only on your tactical thinking and lightning reaction depends on whether your friends will survive and whether you are or not. the higher your level in the game, the more new you can open, for example, new types of boats or weapons. On all purchases and improvements you will need a game currency or real money, but with cheat codes Battle Bay for money, you can not worry about it. Now you can make purchases in the game freely at no cost.

Battle Bay hack

Secrets, Gameplay

Choosing a ship you can fight in different classes. By raising levels, you thereby open up more opportunities. Do not forget to collect guns, armor and mines to keep your team afloat. Build your strategy of fighting, this is the most important key to victory. Attack enemies when they least expect it. To get gold or sugar you need to carry out the task. You can receive awards and share your achievements with your friends.


Hacked Battle Bay on Android and iOS, will give an opportunity to get our unique cheat codes, and together with them a lot of money for improvements and purchases in the game. You do not need additional settings or enter and leave your personal data in the game.

Battle Bay cheats

It’s very simple and codes can be entered many times. All the codes are completely free and absolutely safe for any of your devices. If you have not already met such cheat codes, then follow the link below on the site and review the details on the use. You need to download Battle Bay mod apk for free, all devices.

Battle Bay Hack for Android and iOS:

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How to use Battle Bay cheats:

Using codes is easy and you do not need additional settings. All the details you will see on our website. Create a guild and, along with friends, defeat the enemies in battle. Rivals you can find yourself in the table of the best guilds. In order for the game to become available for your ip – follow the terms of the site. Enjoy the gameplay and our cheats for free.


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