Participate in battles in a new battle arcade called Battle Stars Royale. This is a colorful game with online mode and endless gameplay. Land on the map with other players and participate in survival. In addition, dozens of weapons and the same number of opponents on the same card. Show your fighting skills in a colorful action game with a view from above. Use your skills to win and get valuable rewards. Consequently, hacked Battle Stars Royale for gold and precious stones will open access to paid items and opportunities.

About the game

A colorful arcade game with 50 opponents on one card. Download Battle Stars Royale mod, you get excellent gameplay with bright graphics. Since this is an arcade, it takes only 78 MB of free space, and in return gives endless gameplay. Also, after downloading the game, you get the opportunity to participate in the royal battles, to fight against real opponents. Consequently, you will need access to the network and a stable Internet to combat online mode.

Battle Stars Royale mod

Every fight, this is an additional experience and an opportunity to make money. Raise your level and unlock new arenas, characters and opportunities. In addition, epic battles, dozens of weapons, intense battles and real rivals. First of all, this is a vast experience of fighting with a view from above. Be prepared for high competition, train skills, develop skills and develop character characteristics. Also, use additional hacked games Does not Commute and Hungry Shark Heroes for free.

Game process

Entering the battle, first of all you need to learn the controls. Cheats Battle Stars Royale for Android has two joysticks. The left one is responsible for choosing the direction of movement, right, for aiming. On the right there is a button of shooting, and from below your inventory. Each player can collect a limited set of resources. In the inventory you can add different cannons, cartridges, first-aid kits and other equipment. As a result, colorful arenas have buildings and places where there are chests.

Battle Stars Royale codes

It is very important to learn crafting and find the right weapons. Avoid enemy attacks if there are not enough lives. Use codes and access resources. Money Battle Stars Royale needed to increase the performance of the character. Increase the level, increase the amount of health and opportunities for the use of objects. Buying additional slots will expand the list of used items.

Graphics and sounds

The game has cartoon 3D graphics, bright elements, beautiful locations and a variety of weapons. In addition, dozens of types of guns, grenade launchers, laser weapons, additional equipment. Very dynamic gameplay is always smooth and the effects do not make the phone hang. First of all, this is an opportunity to experience survival on any smartphone. After downloading the game you get a unique experience with intense battles with a top view. In addition, Battle Stars Royale cheat codes give the opportunity to use the most powerful weapons and improve performance.

Battle Stars Royale cheat

Unblock characters to use their unique abilities. Epic battles are full of weapons and high competition. Win royal battles and gain access to additional opportunities. Using the codes you do not get immortality, or endless cartridges. But the availability of money will give an advantage over other players. Enjoy unlimited resources and get a lot of money on the account.

Cheat codes Battle Stars Royale hack, Android and iOS, free:

  • 100 000 gold for free, code – O77_xamzKX
  • Cheat for gems, add 10 000 gems – ZlB_XSPAHj
  • Disable ads in the game – HPR_v5HoqY


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