Free hacked game Beat the Boss 2 – the second part of the popular arcade game about the unbearable bosses. A typical office worker had a chance to talk to the boss differently. Actually, it will not always be possible to talk, but put it in the trash, fill your face or shoot with something from a firearm – it’s always, please. This game should be considered as an effective antidepressant at work. Here you can do something that many did not even think about. The chief came back from his vacation and began the old: to humiliate and mock the wards. But he did not take into account that you are already ready.


The assortment of weapons is simply huge, collect it and do not spare the bastard. In addition, there is an opportunity to use black magic! The number of weapons available is about ninety pieces. Lovers of torture will find something to their liking. In addition to the ability to shoot, torment and cut the boss, all locations have their own special, sophisticated method of bullying, for example, a scoundrel can throw darts or smash them all the room, throwing from side to side. You can download Beat the Boss 2 mod apk and use Cheats for free. Like in the game Hill Climb Racing 2.

Beat the Boss 2 cheat

Many additional chips and lotions had to be bought for money. But now there’s a hacked Beat the boss 2 for a lot of money. Several times more opportunities are opened before the player, at last the boss will receive in full. Graphics in Beat the Boss 2 hack is performed in the best traditions of the series for the joy of the owners of android devices. At the exit we have an excellent toy filled with sparkling black humor, a huge arsenal, exciting tasks, seven completely interactive locations. The game will appeal to everyone who knows firsthand who the angry boss is and what he is eating.

Cheat codes and Secrets for free:

Beat the Boss 2 – decide to take revenge on your boss, then you can do it in a bloodthirsty and sophisticated arcade for android. And it will be bad for any boss who met on your way. In this game, you can throw out all the malice and emotions that have accumulated in you, beating up bored bosses, using all sorts of improvised tools and in a variety of places. At the very beginning of the game you get to an ordinary boss in his office. It seems to be a simple cabinet, but looking closely, you can find here a bunch of objects with which you can take the boss out of yourself.

This you can determine by his nervous movements and across the screen and ridiculous mocking cries from his mouth. Look closely at each item in the location, maybe you have not tried everything, then dare and do not miss your chance to make fun of the boss. By the way, for each trick with the boss you are credited with coins. Subsequently, after visiting the game store, you will be able to purchase different weapons for subsequent missions, open new locations and new bosses. Initially, you can find several items from the store: eggs, pins and a punching bag, but even with them you can well hurt the boss. Later you will be available and automatic, bees, electric shock, chainsaw, knife, shark, machete and much more.

Beat the Boss 2 codes

Secrets and Tips:

Such a large arsenal of weapons and objects of revenge is not full of any game. With increasing profits from revenge, you can significantly improve the characteristics of your arsenal of weapons. It will allow you to earn even more. In addition to the office, the game offers you about 10 more unique and diverse playgrounds. You can use it for conducting experiments on the bosses. Each boss is also peculiar and reacts to your tricks in its own way. And a stock of words flying in your address will make you smile and do some more nasty things to your boss. The arcade game Beat the Boss 2 mod impresses with the quality of graphics, albeit hand-drawn.

But with a fairly accurate drawing of all objects, objects and characters. Smooth animation and quite accurately transmitting everything that happens on the screen sound special effects, combined with an exciting gameplay have developed into a real thriller, about the revenge of the bosses. Management in the game is quite simple and intuitive, you can fully concentrate on your main task – how to avenge the boss. Go ahead, it’s your time, now the boss is afraid !!! Below you will be hacked Beat the Boss 2 in which there will be a lot of money.

Beat the Boss 2 mod

Cheat codes Beat the Boss 2 Hack, Android and iOS for free:

  • + 6600 Diamonds – Ip-hr09qwf
  • + 180,000 Coins – Rd-2bgduk

Beat the Boss 2 – a sequel to the popular action-arcade, in which you need to mock your big boss with a whole arsenal of improvised tools and real weapons, which are about eighty kinds. The more bruises and injuries the unfortunate boss receives, the more currency falls to the player’s account. With its help, you can buy new weapons and mock the boss with a vengeance. Also there are several locations and several types of annoying bosses. The project really allows you to throw out negative emotions and relax after a hard working day.


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