Benji Bananas – Banana Republic welcomes you. Welcome to the jungle for harvest. This is an endless arcade, it has more than a hundred levels in different locations. The task of the main character is to collect the maximum number of bananas without breaking up. Your task is to manage it. The gameplay is done by touching the screen. While you hold your finger on the screen, the monkey holds onto the vine. If you put your finger down, it flies to another vine. And so on ad infinitum.

You can download Benji Bananas mod apk and use free Cheats. But the life of a monkey is not so cloudless, it not only flights on lianas and tasty bananas. In addition to the falls, from which no decent monkey is immune, our hero has natural enemies. They hide on the tops of palm trees and among bamboo thickets and lie in wait for careless macaques.

Secrets and Tips:

For novice players, the hacked Benji Bananas for a lot of money represents only one card of easy complexity. By collecting a certain number of bananas, you will be able to unlock the next location. This is a waterfall, and the jungle, and the ruins of an ancient temple. It is already more complicated, there are also first obstacles and enemies.

Benji Bananas mod

In addition to the usual collection of bananas, you are invited to perform various missions. They are also rewarded with bananas. In the game Benji Bananas, adapted for android there is an in-game store. In it you can buy a life for a monkey, improve its abilities, donate a jet pack or call an eagle to the rescue.

Cheat codes Benji Bananas – an arcade game for devices on the Android platform in which you need to collect bananas, swaying on the vines. It came out from the pen of the talented developers of the studio Fingersoft, responsible for the release of the famous Hill Climb Racing. The gameplay here is simple. Pressing one finger on the screen, the user manages the main character. He, in turn, tries to cling to the edge of the lianas and moves forward, simultaneously grabbing the cherished fruit.

Overview, gameplay:

Bananas are the most important currency here. Monkeys can buy them a variety of bonuses. Collecting a favorite delicacy of primates can be an infinite number of times, the main thing at the same time – do not fall to the ground. There are also a lot of mini-quests, which the player will receive additional points.

Benji Bananas cheat

During the passage, the game locations will change. The jungle will give way to a paradise waterfall, and the one, in turn, will change with the surroundings of the ancient ruins. The beauty of the places is provided by quality graphics Benji Bananas hack – an excellent arcade, helping with pleasure to spend time.

Cheats Benji Bananas Hack, Android and iOS:

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