Black Desert Mobile game, this is the new MMORPG release date which is expected by millions of players. Pearls Abyss is working on launching the game, currently undergoing testing in the Asian market. Sequentially there are new tests and releases and now you can test the game, with a strong desire.

To download Black Desert Mobile hack, you need to learn more about the information and use the accounts belonging to the region in which they are tested on the Android, iOS platforms. Since the game is expected by millions of players, there is a lot of way to get to know the game right now. And you, together with us can learn more about the game, as well as get the codes for resources.

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Released games, where to download (mod Black Desert Mobile)

The official release date of the game was March 2 this year, it can be downloaded by any user, because the game takes only 50Mb. Restriction for the game is the language, not everyone can enjoy, not knowing how to read all the instructions. Black Desert Mobile for Android, iOS is already available in Gogle Play, positive feedback about the game and millions of downloads indicate a quality approach to creating the game. Currently, the game is not available for the Western market, but this does not stop the most ardent fans. For us, the game will be available for download in a couple of months.

Let’s find out why the game is so popular and expected among players? As this development is a continuation of the computer version, many are already familiar with the gameplay. Have a favorite game in your pocket and the ability to play anywhere makes the gamer wait for the exit. In the plot, the two countries of Calpheon and Valencia are engulfed in a bloody war.

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Even earlier they were divided into four separate areas, Serendia, Kalpheon, Balenos and the media. They lived peacefully until the disaster struck Valencia, because of the rapidly spreading disease that destroyed the entire kingdom. Hanging danger and suspicions of imminent danger from Valencia, Kalpheon prepares an army for protection. Therefore, the struggle is inflaming, and you need to fight to restore peace between countries. You can download Black Desert Mobile mod for free, but for a full game you will need to spend a lot of time to collect enough money.

Game process

First of all you have to make a choice and choose one of the five classes of warriors. The witch, valkyrie, giant, warrior and ranger are available for selection. Each of the characters has unique abilities and characteristics. In addition to this, they have a unique exterior design and style. The choice should proceed from personal preferences. In the process of passing the game, you have to use the skills of the hero to defeat the enemy. Black Desert Mobile money is an opportunity to raise the level and teach new abilities.

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One of the important features of the game is the choice of the target for the attack. To correctly choose the goal, you need to skillfully manage the skills. An important part of the attack is the correct defeat of the target. Since each character has up to 8 unique abilities, it is very important to choose the right skills. Certainly, some of them you will use more often. In turn, to unlock skills, you will need to travel a lot, hunt and search for rare items. To create a dangerous weapon, you will need a Black Desert Mobile hack, or spend money on the game currency.

Despite the fact that the game is free, game purchases, diamonds and elixir can be replenished for real money. This gives an advantage in passing and the ability to use more powerful weapons. Codes Black Desert Mobile, this is an opportunity to unlock additional features and use all the features of the game.

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Graphics and sounds

Despite the small weight of the game, it has very good graphics. Of course, this is the main advantage of this development. Sharpness of the picture, high detail and beautiful 3D graphics allowed the developer to create realistic characters, maps and animations. This gives aesthetic pleasure from the passage, Black Desert Mobile cheats, it’s an opportunity to get hidden features and unlock the paid functions. The game is quickly gaining popularity, and in order to be the first to use updates and hidden features, you will need codes. Follow the advice and get more pleasure from the game.

Black Desert Mobile hack for Android and iOS:

• Treasures of the red nose – VZ7EM1LCEQ
• Perigid burning box – B0Q3SDIMAD
• Daily pearl box (21 days) – U8PLCY2AUS
• The Lost Backpack of Cuba – SZHFJFRY42



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