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The game Bladelords – the fighting game is based on a very ancient legend. A huge and majestic empire that has power between all Japanese gardens. And powerful medieval castles, drowning in dark evil forces and can not cope with them. The empire is drowning in the huge quantity of blood of its dead defenders. In addition, weeping and moaning under the strongest blows of evil rivals, fading from the vanishing hope for freedom. Use hacked Bladelords for free. And the enemies in the meantime do not surrender and subjugate more and more new territories. For a long time the state can not cope with the evil. Therefore it ceases to exist, and behind it the whole world disappears under a black veil.

You can download Bladelords mod apk for free. It seems that the fate of the empire and the whole planet is already solved, but it is not, because every user of this application can easily change the outcome of events and resist the black spirits. Project Bladelords – the fighting game – a hurricane, extreme action movie with a side view of the events and heroes. The game is based on a large number of battles and battles one on one and has multiple modes of single and multi-player passage.

Bladelords mod

Secrets and Tips:

Use cheats Bladelords for Android and iOS. There are 16 heroes in total, and they all have their own special skills, special attacks. Which are divided into several categories. The player is available light and medium strikes. Various maneuvers and deadly hurricane techniques that can break even the strongest defense of rivals. The most important and complex feat of players of this application is not to get confused in a large number of buttons and to defeat the army of dark forces.

Incredible action movie Bladelords – the fighting game with its rich. Bright and very realistic graphics will take you to your virtual world. Where you will feel like a real commander-in-chief of a small detachment of your own. Fighting in such conditions is a pleasure. You can notice that special effects seem to be lacking. But this is done to make the game as realistic as possible.

Bladelords cheat

A very large number of sounds that can get you to the bone – screams, cries, tears, strokes. Grab your battle sword right now and become an excellent and unbeatable rival in the most powerful, majestic battle of the century with evil! In the gameplay, you will surely feel all the delights of this application. Battling with its own unique team of very strong and smart warriors, with good tactics of combat.


Hacked Bladelords – the fighting game on Android is a classic fighting game with a non-standard for this genre of game story. The whole game will be divided into many individual missions. In addition, it are presenting in the form of a new battle with the enemies that need to be defeating. Also, try new hcked games: Jurassic Park Builder and Jurassic Survival for free.

 Bladelords codes

The complexity of the game will constantly increase, the enemies will become more masterful, and your character will also improve their skills and hone their skills with each new fight. I’m glad that we were given a full-fledged button control, and not taps, as in many modern fighting games. In the left part there is a joystick for movement and pick-ups, and in the right part you will find a block of buttons for making strokes and blocking. True, combining simple and super strokes you can inflict tremendous damage, defeating the enemy in each of the battles.

Hack Bladelords Cheat codes, Android and iOS free:

  • Pack of gold Premium – Uc-3g2q9t
  • Daily Special – Os-2fqt9gh0
  • It’s time to start! – Tr-32r9hg0n

The game will be able to please its high-quality graphics and a lot of present effects. All the battles will take place in different locations, decorated in the best way, which is pleasantly pleasing. Finally, the developers began to pay attention not only to the game process, but also to surrounding things and locations.


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