First of all, it should be noted that the developer of the game Block Balls, is a well-known company Voodoo. And this is not only exciting gameplay, but also the maximum simplicity. Despite this, on Google Play you can see not the best evaluation of the game by gamers. All this, thanks to the huge amount of advertising, through which the company monetizes its development. Hacked Block Balls, this is a game without ads, but you can do it in several ways. At our site you will not find where to download the mod, but you will be able to learn how to disable advertising with the help of bonus codes. Let’s get acquainted with the game.

Shoot the towers

Since most of the games from the developer, these are simple arcades, many of them have gained immense popularity. Many played Helix Jump, Flying Arrow, Donuts Drift and other simulators from different genres. Block Balls on Android, this is an action arcade in which you can shoot with a cannon, destroying blocks and towers of different sizes. First of all, we should note the simplicity of gameplay and control, and also the diversity of different levels.

Block Balls cheat

Controls in the game as simple as possible, selecting the trajectory of shooting and releasing a finger, your gun will release the turn of the balls. Each block has a number, this is a measure of the power of the blocks. To destroy the block, you need to apply the specified number of strokes with a ball, which will destroy the block. So you need to collect all the coins from the card by getting to them. Despite the simplicity of the gameplay, you need to think through each step to pass the level. Try new free hack Into the Deep Web and Soccer Star 2018.

Game process

The company Voodoo once again proves that playing with simple gameplay can be exciting. Block Balls mod has hundreds of interesting levels and tasks, the difficulty with each time increases, which fuels interest. Due to simplicity, adults and children can play, but you can play without the network in order not to view a large amount of advertising. For those who do not like this method, developers can pay and support its work. Also, you can use cheats and disable advertising using stealth.

Block Balls codes

Passing through the level is always a challenge and you need to think through all the options, even before the first shot. Each time you need to destroy all the blocks and collect coins. True, this is not the only option, you can drop blocks from the platform, calculating the physics of the fall. So you have several options to complete the task. You can disable Block Balls advertising for free using the codes that are presented in this article. This method works on Android, iOS devices and does not violate the rules of the game.


In the tradition of the company, they created the most simple game with the gameplay from which it’s hard to break away. Once again proving that the graphic component can be unimportant for a gamer. Since the game takes 39 MB, everyone can download it on your smartphone. Simple 3D graphics with colorful, but not bright elements. At the same time, they are all easily distinguishable, and the level of detail will allow you to easily navigate in space and shoot accurately.

Block Balls mod

Each block has its own power, or the number of strokes that must be applied to destroy it. Block Balls can be played for free without hacking, but for this you will have to look through a large number of advertisements. Use the skills of accurate shooting and calculate the moves to score the maximum number of points at the level. Because the game is free, it has paid items that you can simply get using codes.

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