In the footsteps of Minecraft, many developers have gone to achieve the success of block graphics. The company Fun Games For Free released its game Block Craft 3D. This simulator quickly gained popularity due to its unique style and design. First of all, this is block graphics, but at the same time it is quite bright and pleasant. Since the game only takes 57 MB on your Android device, it can be downloaded by everyone. Hacked Block Craft 3D, this is an opportunity to get gems, the ability to fly and other abilities. In this article you will learn all the secrets and tricks of passing the game.

Block simulator for Android, iOS

Thanks to the excellent design and interesting gameplay, players have downloaded the game more than 50 million times. This is an unprecedented success for the development company, so the game is constantly experiencing updates. Block Craft 3D mod, it’s an opportunity to get a lot of money, a lot of diamonds on account for free and unlock paid items. Since the game has an average rating of 4.5, you will definitely enjoy the gameplay fun and will be able to enjoy its features.

Block Craft 3D mod

First of all it’s a building game and here you can build your own city. Thanks to simple controls and extensive features, the game gained great popularity. You can download it for free on Android, iOS, but some functions cost real money. Players often ask about the existence of hacked Block Craft 3D many diamonds in the game can be obtained using secret codes. In the game, you do not have to break the rules and download the mods to get extra features. Bonus codes allow you to get sets of game currency from the game store without performing microtransactions.

After downloading the game mod, everyone gets the opportunity to build their own city. And this is much more interesting than the simple construction of a house, but before that you need to complete a huge number of tasks. This simulator will be interesting for both adults and children. Players from all over the world can travel on the map you created and participate in multiplayer mode.

Block Craft 3D cheat

Game features

• Dozens of types of buildings, each can create a unique building.
• Ability to perform a variety of works, expand the opportunities and functions of the city.
• High optimization, quick start not on the most powerful smartphones.
• Pets, Block Craft 3D mod much money will unlock rare pets such as white tiger and others.
• Unlimited diamonds allow you to unlock new projects and types of buildings.
• First of all, this is a simulator, so here you can interact with other players online.
• Travel on the construction of friends, as well as meet guests on your map.
• Presence of game chat and the opportunity to find new friends.
• Pixel graphics give a unique experience and experience in the game.

First of all, the game draws attention due to freedom of action. Each player experiences a unique experience and has the opportunity to create his own world. Use tools and a variety of blocks to create the Eiffel Tower, airplanes, boats and other structures. Cheat codes Block Craft 3D a lot of money will go away to make the city beautiful and use luxurious things. Gemstones play an important role, so many players try to use hacking, or download mod Block Craft 3D for a lot of money. With the advent of bonus codes, you do not have to break the rules.

Block Craft 3D  codes

Game process

By running the game you quickly navigate, especially if you played Minecraft. Simple, touch-based controls allow you to easily control the character and navigate the map. In your backpack will be located tools and blocks. Consequently, you can use them to build buildings, or other buildings. The game has two currencies, coins and diamonds and the second can be purchased for real money. Download hacked Block Craft 3D with endless diamonds, this is the dream of any experienced gamer. Due to serious limitations in speed, the player has to save and collect precious stones for a long time to buy a new pet, or to unlock the valuable building project.

Because the game is free, there are purchases in it. Spend real money, or use the tricks of choice for each. But to play fully, using all the resources you need a lot of diamonds. Having unlimited resources you can experience real freedom in the game world of the game.

Graphic of the game

Since gamer is spoiled by beautiful graphics in Clash of Clans, Hay Day and other games, simple graphics becomes an advantage. This is not only the ability to download Block Craft 3D mod on any device, but also the opportunity to relax during the game. All elements are understandable and easily distinguishable, and the game is optimized and quickly launched. You can play at any time, to use promotional codes you will need instructions on how to use them. The method has slight differences in use on Android, iOS, they are described on our website.

Block Craft 3D hack for Android and iOS:

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  1. This game,is the most strategic game ever,so simple,and so fast,thanks for the cheat code.I really hacking fun with this game


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