Blood and Glory – great fighting game, full of fights for death in the arena. Become the best gladiator of the game and fight in the name of unfading glory. The audience craves blood and spectacles, so give them both. Let the game of survival begin, where victory will be given not to the weak and cunning. But to the strong and ruthless. Becoming the best of the best is not easy. But you will pass this way by spending hours in training and training battles. Also, use the hack of the game Super Idle Cats for free.

In the game Blood and Glory hack for free, adapted for android device, you will find:

  • Magnificent three-dimensional graphics in order to fully plunge into the element of bloody battle in the arena;
  • A huge arsenal of all kinds of medieval deadly weapons: axes, spears, swords, armor and shields;
  • The study of gladiatorial combat includes various tricks and combinations.

Blood and Glory cheat

Have you come here for glory? But it’s just that nobody will give it away. Therefore, take up arms and take it yourself. Go through the gladiatorial battles and become the champion. You are waiting for cups and medals Invictus. Winning battles, you get gold coins. Use them to unlock more powerful weapons, and also to improve it. Pass training on various techniques and attacks, and apply them to the arena.

And remember to win the champion title in the game hacked Blood and Glory with a lot of fashion money – it’s still half the battle. It is much more difficult to keep him. After all, you in the back breathe newcomers, ready to do anything to wrest victory from the illustrious veteran. Therefore, you will have to prove your superiority again and again, meeting with stronger and bloodthirsty opponents. Forward, through blood to unfading glory!

Secrets and Tips:

Blood and Glory cheat codes – a cool fighting game for Android, in which the opposing fighters are gladiators. Initially, the player will be able to pass a small training, in which you can practice the strikes and combos. After the user will go to the gladiatorial arena, where he will fight against the strongest opponents. After each victorious battle, the gamer will be able to purchase new weapons and armor for the gladiator on the won money. The game received great graphics, easy control and dynamic gameplay.

Blood and Glory codes

Download Blood and Glory mod apk is a game in which you can feel like a real gladiator. Fighting for life and death in a coliseum with tribunes of viewers who need only blood and death. Each time you have to overcome complex warriors, which will become harder and harder. You need to select a certain tactics and approach to enemies. In this case, we are offered not just an ordinary fighting game. It is a well-executed representative of the popular genre.


Impressive visual possibilities of the game carefully convey the details and allow you to feel all the rudeness, bloodshed and cruelty of the violence of the fighters, as well as the intensity and scale of events taking place on the battle arena. In fights there is no place for compromises and pity. Here the choice is very limited: either to win or to be killed. Qualitatively elaborated three-dimensional spectacle, even at repetition, continues to amaze with the details of the battle.

Deadly weapons and strong armor are characteristic and distinctive features of the game and each of its participants. In the arsenal of fighters, as they pass, various blades, razors and shields become available, as well as a very destructive two-handed action, affecting small and other types of weapons. A nimble little warrior and even a large unwieldy fighter – each has his own chance in battle and the necessary tricks to win or be defeated in battle.

Blood and Glory mod

Game process:

The individual set of various combos, spetsudarov, interlocks, interceptions and avoiding the blows of each of the participants makes each of the battles a completely unique spectacle. Each successful reception during the battle gives the character additional points, and each victory brings not only a monetary reward, but also makes the fighter stronger and more experienced. Money will be needed to buy new, repair and improve old weapons and protection.

Experience and points obtained during the battle as well as training open access to new, more sophisticated techniques, methods of humiliation and destruction of the enemy. To fight in the arena without regretting the blood of your opponents and entertain the crowd in the struggle for your own survival the only goal and meaning of cheats Blood and Glory. Here the glory of victory is the only opportunity to go through the game to the end, to complete victory or ignorance and worthless tragic death.

Cheat codes Blood and Glory Hack for Android and iOS:

  • Add + 690 000 Cash (premium) – Wx-32y09f
  • Unlock 4 Items for free – Ca-g2rfihc9j
  • No Ads – Nc-3h29rf


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