Choose your favorite characters from the series of games and compete in races in the new game Booster Raiders. A new arcade action from the company Halfbrick Studios, here you will meet your favorite characters from the games Jetpack Joyride and Dan Man. Since the game is available for free download for Android, iOS, it contains game purchases. If you want to play for free, you can use hack Booster Raiders, or spend real money on virtual currency games. In this article, you will learn about the secrets and tricks of the game, but first we’ll get to know more about the gameplay.

Collect your favorite characters

A well-known development company made characters known among millions. Booster Raiders for Android, collected all the characters from different games and moved them to the platform of battles. Firstly, this is an action game, here you will meet with three opponents on the field, the victory will be the fastest. Challenge your friends and other players and get valuable rewards. The game from the creators of Fruit Ninja can not be boring. In addition to high dynamics, you can use a variety of boosters to accelerate, or suspend the enemy.

Booster Raiders mod

Are you ready for the battles? Download the game and choose your favorite characters, of course, some of them cost a lot of money. But using booster and promotional codes, everyone can unlock them for free. Because of the high level of competition, the distances turn into real action battles. Since you can improve the character, it is very important to upgrade and improve skills between the races. Success will depend on your reaction and the skills of the hero.

Game process

First of all you need to choose a character from the list of stars. Secondly, improve the skills of the character and train your skills. Download Booster Raiders mod, this is a multiplayer battle. Since victory is won only by one, it increases the degree of competition. Since the controls in the game are as simple as possible, you can quickly learn the basics. At each level in the game there are a lot of obstacles and boosters. Choosing the right route and using all boosters can determine the winner.

Booster Raiders cheat

A unique feature of the game is 3 rounds of battles. So you can be the last on the first two and snatch victory at the finish. Since there are several circles, it is very important to learn and correctly use the elements on the field. Booster Raiders a lot of money in the game give free shopping, and this is not only free shopping, but also the ability to use paid boosters. In addition, the game can throw rockets, shoot with a machine gun, place traps and use other tricks. This all can change the course of the race and make you a winner.

Graphics and sounds

Since the name of developers is known to all fans of mobile games, downloading the game you get a first-class application. Despite the simple graphics, all elements in the game have high definition and detail. The use of weapons and booster is accompanied by beautiful animation. Booster Raiders cheats, this is an opportunity to get additional shields, weapons and rare items. First of all, this is an opportunity to play at the level of players who use donat.

Booster Raiders codes


If you like fruit ninja, or flights with a jet pack, then here you can experience a new experience with famous characters. Challenge the enemy and use missiles and weapons to stop the enemy. Since the game has a shield, you can effectively defend yourself against enemy attacks. Booster Raiders codes, it’s an opportunity to get extra motes and use the most powerful explosions, hurricanes and powerful booster.

Unlock characters, train skills, use bonuses, shields and weapons and take first place in the race. Stop competitors, block attacks, use magic shields. Arcade action game has a high dynamics and gives an excellent pastime for fans of these games.

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