Candies’ n Curses hack

Download the game Candies’ n Curses and clean the castle from the spirits and ghosts. Meet the ghost king, get valuable rewards and money. Each quest is an opportunity to collect souls and develop your own abilities. You can also use ghost combinations to expand your list of skills. Hacked Candies’ n Curses, this is an opportunity to get a lot of money on the account and unlock various creatures. Following the prompts, everyone can get a lot of money on the account.

About the game

Simple and exciting arcade game gives endless travel experience. Downloading Candies’ n Curses mod has several worlds between which you can navigate and collect new items, characters and skills. Since this is an arcade, the controls in the game are as simple as possible. It is enough to have one free hand to move to a world full of ghosts. The curvature in the mansion allows ghosts to exist in it.

Candies’ n Curses mod

Clean the rooms one by one, carefully study the behaviors to save lives. Every day new quests and interesting tasks. Go through missions, get crystals and souls as a reward. With their help, you can upgrade your skills and unlock new assistants. Use magic rays, flashlights and other weapons. Raising the level, you can discover new opportunities and items.

Game process

Cheats Candies’ n Curses on Android, this is a simple arcade game from the company Crescent Moon Game. They have dozens of popular games on their list to experience the new arcade game developers do not charge. The game has dozens of interesting and challenging levels. This is a real test for your skills. Move between rooms to kill ghosts. Collect their souls and use to enhance their own skills.

Candies’ n Curses cheat

As the level increases, the difficulty of the task increases. Demonstrate the skills and skills of helpers. By clearing the mansion you will gain precious experience and be able to upgrade. Candies’ n Curses money plays a key role in equipping a character. With crystals and money, you can equip your hero and increase chances. Complete the level from the first time is not always possible. First of all, work on improvements, then you can try to complete the level. In addition, you can try othe hacked games for free and fast. For example, for free.

Game features

• Every day, new quests and tasks, random missions and a unique experience for everyone.
• 6 different regions and mansions, unique conditions.
• To become a ghostly king, you need to create a powerful character.
• An exciting process of passing, new discoveries and dangers.
• Endless obstacles, ghouls and ghosts carry danger every second.
• Codes Candies’ n Curses for money and crystals, this is a chance to play without shopping and advertising.

Candies’ n Curses codes


A simple arcade has 2D graphics with gray tones and pixel graphics. The developers made a reference to the first games. Here you can experience a simple, but exciting experience. Vertical graphics accommodates several floors of the castle between which you can move. Practice and use your skills to get away from danger and get valuable rewards. Destroy bosses and destroy enemy possessions.

Candies’ n Curses Hack, Android and iOS, Cheats:

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• 7,500 crystals for free – bJ_4WxigCk
• Disable ads – qa_NzbFe1Q


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