If you like cars, then you also should like the game Car Mechanic Simulator 18. But in it you will not drive a sports car, but become the owner of an auto workshop. Repair old cars, turn them into powerful horses and participate in races. This is an interesting simulation with a lot of features and capabilities. Also, try on your mobile hacked Car Mechanic Simulator 18 and get a lot of money for shopping in the game. Let’s get acquainted with the game itself and the secrets of passing.

Simple game

Car Mechanic Simulator 18 for Android released a well-known company PlayWay SA, the game also has a version on iOS. Consequently, millions of players are waiting for the release of games from a well-known developer. The game mechanic received tens of millions of users in 2016, now you can also enjoy the updated gameplay. The new version of the game quickly attracted fans of this genre and tens of thousands of positive reviews.

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The game has dozens of models of old cars that you can unlock. Using money and skills you can restore their former glory. Service the car at your station and make their engine work like new. Consequently, in the process of passing you will learn more about the car, their work. Increase your level, develop skills to undertake more complex tasks. Car Mechanic Simulator 18 mod of a lot of money will allow you to quickly unlock paid items and gain access to rare items in the game.

Gameplay and details

There are a lot of accessories in the game, but you can only repair them with skills. In the game you will separately get access to repair the engine, brake system, gearbox and chassis. You need to understand all areas to see every detail and find the cause of the breakdown. Become a master of your craft and raise the popularity of your workshop.
The body of the car grows old with money Car Mechanic Simulator 18, you can spend a lot of money and improve the car to improve the appearance of the car. Choose a color, use the tuning elements and collect a unique collection of cars.

Test the car

Every repair ends with a test and you check the serviceability of the car, you will be on real tracks. Perform the tasks of the game to prove the performance of the car, as well as show what you are capable of. It will attract new customers to the workshop and raise your popularity. To get money in the game, you can download Car Mechanic Simulator 18 mod,  or use cheat codes for purchases. Therefore, this will allow you to spend money on the extension of the workshop and quickly improve your qualifications ..

First of all, you do not need to connect to the Internet for playing. You can play anywhere, this is an interesting adventure for real auto lovers.

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Graphics in the game

A simple simulator has excellent graphics, high detailing of objects. Bright auto, traced auto parts, the opportunity to look under the hood and learn more about the units. This approach when creating a game will immerse yourself in the game with your head and feel yourself the owner of a real auto repair shop. With the update of the game there were more elements, objects, cars and improved graphics.

Dive into the gameplay and enjoy a unique experience. Of course, this is a pleasant experience that you can experience. Download the game for Android, iOS. Use the cheat codes and get a lot of fun from the game.

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