Free Clash of Lords 2 game is a multi-player strategy where in real time you have to create your kingdom, and then engage in battle with your enemies. Every day, hundreds of new players come into play, trying to become the best, so get ready for tough competition.

In the game to date, 27 characters, and their number increases. The goal of each player is to collect all the characters. Free in-game hacked Clash of Lords 2 Guild Castle with cheat can get one hero per hour. To do this, go to the subsection of the Hero-Hire menu and click the Free button. Also in a week and a month after the first launch of the game you will have one middle class hero.

Secrets and Tips:

Also, they can get hold of during raids, so do not forget to check all the trunks on the way to secrets. In addition, heroes are sold for crystals and rings, issued by developers for participation in competitions. The main goal of the collection is to get more heroes, the epic class. In the event that you lose two identical characters, you have the opportunity to increase its strength, by merging. This gives a bonus when attacking and increases health. You can download Clash of Lords 2 mod apk.

Clash of Lords 2 codes

In addition to the characters in the game Clash of Lords 2-Battle of the Legends, designed for android-devices are valued resources. You will need gold – get it in raids, souls – are charged automatically, depending on the rating, rings – to improve the characters and purchase these. You can get rings in many ways, at the expense of recruiting, in letters of developers, when buying for beer. Jewels Clash of Lords 2 – are obtained for entering the game, assuring and attacking. And finally Beer, it falls in the Dungeons.


Clash of Lords 2 continues the tradition of another famous strategy – Clash of Clans. Build buildings, extract resources, develop their army and come up with a strategy for defeating opponents. The main feature of this game is that in your huge army of minions, legendary heroes are available that fight on your side. Each hero has his own special skills that improve the characteristics of your troops, or cause great damage to opponents. Developers do not forget and constantly add new heroes to the game, increasing possible tactics of combat.

Clash of Lords 2 mod

You can fight not only against the bots prepared in advance by the developers, but also against real players. Choose a victim of hundreds of players and test the strength of your army, crushing the base of another user. The game consists not only of attacks on enemy castles, but also of building defenses around their city. Giant walls, guns, etc. You must protect your buildings from destruction by other players.

How to use cheats Clash of Lords 2 for free:

In Clash of Lords 2 cheat codes, as in all similar games, there is an opportunity to create alliances and guilds – together with friends to fight much more fun! Play is interesting and convenient both on the screens of large tablets, and not large touch phones. Due to the fact that the image is scaled, you can see each hero on the battlefield. All controls are located at the edges of the screen and do not interfere with the game process.

Each pixel is filled with bright colors. All the characters are nicely drawn, and the characters who explain the principle of the game, as if they came from Disney cartoons. Interestingly, even the castle lives its own life – every element of the environment moves, making you look carefully at the buildings, enjoying the beautiful drawing. During the game, pleasant music sounds, filling the world with the spirit of adventure and chivalry.

Clash of Lords 2 cheat

During the fighting, or defense of the castle, explosions and the roar of powerful heroes rumble. The developers have done everything to make the game sink into the soul of each player, forcing shuffling heroes among themselves, inventing more and more ways to defeat opponents.

Downloading Clash of Lords 2 mod apk:

Clash of Lords 2 – an excellent RTS for devices on the platform Android, which game mechanics is similar to Clash of Clans. It is mainly focused on the children’s audience. As such, the global plot is not here. To begin with, the player is encouraged to complete training in order to become familiar with all the nuances.

After training, the player gets into the ownership of the whole empire, which needs to be developed. The list of advantages is complemented by the presence of a huge gaming community, numbering about one million active gamers. It can be found as allies with which it makes sense to cooperate, and enemies who are eager to not leave a stone on the stone from the user’s possession. The project is characterized by picturesque graphics and wide possibilities for improvements in the game world.

Clash of Lords 2 free

Cheats for Hack Clash of Lords 2, Android and iOS for free:

  • 16800 Jewels Clash of Lords 2 for free – BX_ht2309f
  • 3800 COL2 IOS Jewels – TQ-3nw0f9
  • No Ads – YM-p9209gs

A huge number of unique heroes with incredible abilities are available for gamers to protect their empire and attack the possessions of opponents. All this creates an extraordinary atmosphere and delivers a great pleasure. Clash of Lords 2 New Age – an example of an exciting real-time strategy with a lot of dedicated users. The game will appeal not only to small fans of the genre, but also to adults.


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