Clear Vision 4 hack

Clear Vision 4 is a continuation of the game that has become popular among millions. The fourth part of the adventures of the sniper Taylor, this is an exciting adventure for fans of action games. In it you have to continue the sniper case, destroying opponents at a distance. As gamers are popular, the appetites of developers have increased. Money and energy in the game ends very quickly. Hacked Clear Vision 4 is an opportunity to get additional resources on purchases. Use the arsenal to quickly complete challenging tasks.

About the game

Mod Clear Vision 4 on Android, is an action game with a plot and simple controls. Since it takes 68 Mb, this is a great way to have fun. You can play without a network, take a sniper rifle in your hands and go on an interesting task. First of all, you have to kill the person who refused to pay the bills. Be decisive and accurate, it will allow you to advance in the game and unlock new weapons.

Clear Vision 4 mod

It is important to note that the game is available to gamers from the age of 17. This is due to the large amount of blood and elements of violence. Of course, this is a game, but such a restriction is present. Each level is a new, sniper mission and the opportunity to train your sniper skills. Passing levels is accompanied by the discovery of new types of weapons, equipment and special devices. Become a member of an exciting adventure with immersion in the plot. Use cheats Clear Vision 4 for free.

Game process

First you need to get acquainted with our hero, and this is a bearded Stickman. He is ready to regain his former glory as the best sniper. Download Clear Vision 4 mod gives you extensive experience, unlimited energy and money to play. So you can create your own arsenal and collect the best set of equipment. Each mission is a murder sequence. We need to act quickly, accurately and decisively. Do not let the target go, with the help of virtual buttons you can aim, zoom in and shoot.

Clear Vision 4 cheat

The game has two currencies, money and gold. Premium currency gives access to paid weapons and helps you quickly unlock all the items in the game. And this is the fastest way to increase the level and unlock the arsenal. Each mission is a fascinating story and a lot of blood. Free Clear Vision 4 money you will receive a multiple of the complexity of the task. Create a name for yourself in the game that millions play.

Graphics and sounds

Action game will delight fans of improved graphics. The 3D picture has enhanced detailing of objects, smooth animation and not too bright colors. Being in the game is very nice, it is also the merit of the soundtrack. Thanks to the storyline in the form of a comic book, the game introduces the plot and you can complete the first task. Energy Clear Vision 4 is needed for the passage of each mission. If you fail to complete it the first time, you can use the codes and restore it. In addition, we recommen you to use new free hacked game Alpha Squad 5 for Android and iOS.

Clear Vision 4 codes

Free game gives an unforgettable and unique experience of the sniper. Realistic physics, animation and a lot of blood attract gamers from all over the world. The game will delight dozens of new and challenging missions, as well as endless gameplay. Movies between missions will keep you within the story, the storyline is very dramatic. To unlock paid items in the game use bonus codes.

Clear Vision 4 Hack, Android and iOS:

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