Clouds & Sheep 2 – a fun casual arcade farm and a game-tamogochi for android. This is not just a game in the usual farm. Here you have to not only care for your pet, but also to breed new animals and expand their possessions. Initially, in your possession a small lamb. All your concern is to give it a drink and feed it in time.

You can download Clouds and Sheep 2 mod apk. In order to grow grass on the lawn and fill a puddle from which your pet will quench your thirst, you need to collect clouds in the sky in one big cloud to shed the rain. After that, your pet in gratitude will give you the experience stars and the fleece rune. The stars that appear should be quickly tapped, otherwise they will dissolve in the sky.

Clouds and Sheep 2 mod

Then you can go to the store and buy another pet, which you can grow into a thoroughbred lamb giving permanent offspring. And, your herd will start to increase rapidly and, here you can hardly distract from the screen. And now you are the owner of 20 goals, here you have to think about the size of the pasture. Also, use free cheats Clouds and Sheep 2 for Android and iOS like in the games Wings of Steel and Golf Hit.

Secrets and Tips:

Gradually, you will be able to acquire larger areas, which will bring you new problems. Now you have to water large areas, take care of planting grass and flowers and do not forget to water a whole flock of sheep. Flowers in the game are needed to create love between the sheep and the sheep, and then you have a chance to get a lamb.

Clouds and Sheep 2 cheat

In addition to the game there is a store in which you can buy everything you need for your pets, because from level to level their needs are growing. The graphics in the game Clouds & Sheep 2 performed at a high level. Dynamic and addictive gameplay with a cheerful sound will cheer you up and help you pass the time, or even carry away at all for long hours. The game is completely translated into English.


In the game Clouds and Sheep 2 there are a few flaws, which the developers have already promised to fix in the next update. The game often hangs, and sometimes at the most unnecessary moment you can just throw out. But the avid gamers do not scare, forward to the meadows of the new farm! Below by tradition, you can download the already hacked Clouds and Sheep 2 in which there will be a lot of money.

Clouds and Sheep 2 codes

Clouds & Sheep 2 – sequel to the arcade for devices on the platform Android, in which again to care for a herd of cute sheep. The player will not only have to feed and water the sheep, but also to ensure that they are comfortable and well. In gratitude they will give the user replenishment in the form of small lambs, with whom you need to play and give gifts. For a comfortable existence it is necessary to extract resources, such as wool, wood and flowers, to exchange them for a variety of valuable items and accessories.

Cheats Clouds & Sheep 2 Hack, Android and iOS for free:

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Clouds and Sheep 2 – this is a sequel from HandyGames of the acclaimed arcade on the madly gay lambs. Create for them a world in which they will be happy. Solve puzzles, play with them, feed, have fun! Watch them so that they are always happy. And then they will give you a lot of fun in gratitude.



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