Cooking Fever is delicious dishes and desserts with recipes from around the world. In this exciting game, you can choose from 20 unique levels. You can go from a conventional bakery or a snack bar to the restaurant. It is necessary not only to cook deliciously, but at the maximum speed, so that your visitors are satisfied. Hone your skills not only in cooking, but also in interior design, your profit also depends on it. If money is not enough to improve or purchase the right equipment, then you can pay real, or use the hack Cooking Fever for money and diamonds, for free.

How to download Cooking Fever mod

You are waited by more than hundred ingredients for preparation of several hundred tasty dishes. You need to learn how to test coffee makers and rice cookers, stoves and apparatus for popcorn. Do not forget to modernize the interiors in different rooms, for which you will get more tips. You can also attract customers by giving them free treats so that they do not experience standing in line for their order. If you improve the kitchen, you can expand the range of dishes. This game will tighten you and you can not tear yourself away. Enjoy cooking and treat your friends in social networks.

Cooking Fever hack

Hacked Cooking Fever for Android and iOS, will give an opportunity to get our unique cheat codes, and with them a lot of money and diamonds for purchases and improvements in the game. You do not need additional settings or enter and leave your personal data in the game. It’s very simple and codes can be entered many times. All the codes are completely free and absolutely safe for any of your devices. If you have not already met such cheat codes, then follow the link below on the site and review the details on the use. Download Cooking Fever mod apk for free.


A unique opportunity to test your strength in the role of cook. And then, the boss of this restaurant appeared among users of mobile devices in the game Cooking Fever for android. In the fascinating arcade you will have to pass more than 300 different levels of complexity. To achieve the goal in which will, as a rule, set a certain amount of money. And you will earn money, preparing a variety of dishes from more than 100 gradients.

The game has 6 game locations: a bakery, a snack bar, Chinese and Indian restaurants, a pizzeria and a fish store. Each institution has its own individual equipment, on which you will have to prepare your unique culinary masterpieces for numerous visitors. Visitors, in turn, will thank you with a tidy sum for your efforts. It all begins with a small roadside diner, earning a little money, in which you can buy new equipment for it or perfect it. Then, standing up, you will be able to purchase a more profitable institution, attracting even more customers and increasing profits.

Cooking Fever cheats

Secrets and Tips

In the game Cooking fever will all depend on your lightness. The faster and more quality you serve the client, the more tips he will leave. The complexity of the game increases with the increase in the number of visitors and the increase in the range of dishes ordered by them.

In total, the game is available for cooking more than 250 different dishes. In addition to technical equipment, you need to follow the interior of your establishment, so do not skimp on purchasing soft chairs, a TV set or a new bar counter – this will soon pay off a large number of attracted visitors. And for raising its rating it is recommended from time to time to treat its visitors with free crackers or cupcakes. The game is free of charge and there is no donation for development.

Management in the game is carried out by the Taipes quite simple and understandable, you just need a quick reaction to manage to taipat on different parts of the screen. The graphic component in the game is made in bright and juicy tones, with a fairly accurate drawing of small objects. Sound accompaniment nicely complements the gameplay with its quality and content. Below you can download the hacked Cooking Fever in which there will be a lot of money.

Cooking Fever codes

Hack Cooking Fever  for Android and iOS:

  • Use the code to get 1 000 000 money – T-g2q09whf0
  • 10,000 diamonds in the game – N-4q9wfh0u9
  • Unlock 3 Packs for free – G-g9qw8r9tq

How to use cheat codes, mod apk Kitchen Fever:

The use of codes is simple and safe for any device. Now you can enjoy the game to the fullest. Do not stop for a moment, after going through one location, go to a new location, and so on. Friends will also be grateful to you for showing them this game. In order for the game to become available for your ip – follow the terms of the site. Enjoy the gameplay and our cheats for free.


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