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Love to build in mobile games, then be sure to download Crafty Town. In it you can build your own city, erect a castle and manage the entire economy. A huge number of functions and content are available in the game, and you can download it on Android, iOS. The game is free, the hacked Crafty Town is searched by many players to get extra money in the form of gold and precious stones. Let’s learn more about the game together, as well as discover some secrets.

Actions in the strategic game take place in the Middle Ages, so you can find mills, bakeries and castles for construction. Download Crafty Town Mod has a huge number of functions, buildings and features that everyone can use for free. The game is available for download via Google Play, Apple Store. In it you can create a city for your own project, each creating a unique structure.

Crafty Town cheat

Build Buildings

In addition to buildings, it is important to deal with the economic part and skillfully manage resources. To create an excellent and large city, you need to think through many elements. Since the actions take place in Europe, the old houses and buildings reflect the style of those times. First of all you need to create housing and jobs. You will have to start from a small village and gradually develop buildings and increase the area. The game makes it possible to make a dream come true and realize your fantasy. Use free cheats Crafty Town for Android and iOS.

Before the construction of important buildings, you need to plan the development of the city in front. Leave a lot of space for roads and important interchanges, create a unique city that you would like to lay in real life. Free Crafty Town lot of money in the game can be obtained with the help of bonus codes. Since this simplifies the passage and allows you to speed up the processes, this saves a lot of resources and time.

Crafty Town mod

Game process

Create places and streets that could become the most popular in the world. The construction process is as simple as possible, choose a building from the list and place it in the most suitable place. It is necessary to think through the plan of the city in advance, in order to harmoniously arrange a variety of buildings. Given the limited resources, you need to have tactical thinking.

After all, many moments need to be thought through in advance, and this only comes with experience. Money Crafty Town – Idle City Builder gives freedom and allows you to correct many mistakes. Do not be afraid to make mistakes, the availability of resources allows you to get additional opportunities. also, we recommend you to use free cheats Crash of Cars and Perfect Hit.

Features of the game

• A large number of buildings of different levels, start from small houses and ends with a city full of castles.
• Develop the city and collect the proceeds from the houses built. Commercial buildings will bring money in the game Crafty Town and will allow to develop further.
• Unlimited opportunities to upgrade buildings, increase the level, unlock new opportunities for improvements.
• Build a city development strategy, manage the economy and attract new residents.
• Hundreds of buildings of different centuries, each of them has several levels for development.
• Passage of the game involves new discoveries and the use of new technologies.
• The ability to independently design the city and realize the idea.
• Use the gems of Crafty Town to save time on building a city.

Crafty Town codes

Graphics and sounds

Colorful strategy has 3D graphics and many detailed models of buildings of different times. An excellent game in which you can realize your dreams, turn ideas into reality. Thanks to a large amount of content and freedom of action, everyone can create a unique city. Do not forget about the economy, cheat codes Crafty Town will help to close financing issues, but for the city to live and develop, you need to make it profitable. Use cheat codes can be on Android, iOS devices – follow the prompts and enjoy free gameplay.

Cheats Crafty Town hack, Android and iOS:

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