Meet the new game Crazy Trucker, in it you will be a truck driver. Deliver dangerous goods by moving through roadblocks and earn money. Free game has several trucks to choose from and dozens of interesting but challenging tasks. Become a crazy trucker and grab for the most difficult tasks. Cracked Crazy Trucker for money will allow you to unlock all cars and improve their characteristics with the help of code.

Crazy Truck Driver

In the game you have to overcome many difficulties and dangerous stretches of the road. Move small ponds, climb mountains and drive dangerous stunts. Crazy Trucker ащк Android, this is a mixture of adrenaline and driving. Each truck has unique characteristics and is suitable for the task. Faster will save time and make more money on the level.

Crazy Trucker hack

Train your driving skills and get more experience. This is an excellent simulator for a true trucker. Here you will move between roadblocks to refuel and continue traveling. Having earned money you can carry out an upgrade of the car and repeat the tasks. A new record and a better time will bring additional bonuses and valuable rewards.


Choose a truck and go for your first job. Each time the missions will become more complicated, the routes will be more complex, and the time will be less. Take the helm in your hands and drive the trucks. Crazy Trucker Mod has several options for setting up controls. Choose the best truck and deliver the goods to the most dangerous and difficult places. Go through the levels and earn precious experience.

Crazy Trucker cheat

Controlling the car with the steering wheel is very convenient. The game has flexible settings and realistic physics. Do not always have to rush at maximum speed, otherwise you can lose weight. Each level has control points and refueling points. You need to get to the flag in time, and at the same time save fuel. A powerful car increases the chances of a successful passage, a real adventure.

Graphics and sounds

After downloading the game you get a unique and excellent driving experience along country roads. Realistic graphics and convenient controls will make you feel inside the truck. Several kinds of cameras, control buttons and high detail. Cheats Crazy Trucker will help unlock and test different trucks. Only in this way you can become a true truck driver.

Crazy Trucker codes

The game has realistic graphics, watch the smoke coming out of the exhaust and add the gas. The load will jump on the body when you go too fast over the bumps. But the levels need to pass as quickly as possible in order to get more valuable rewards. Follow the tips to get a lot of money on the account. Open all cars and disable advertisements.

Crazy Trucker hack for Android, iOS:

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