If you are a fan of Sherlock Holmes and love this genre, then you definitely need to become more familiar with the game Criminal Case. If you dreamed of becoming a detective and investigating complex cases, then in this game you will be able to realize this desire. Collect evidence, develop your thinking to find solutions and investigate the case. To win the game you need to have a sharp mind, be able to think logically, use hints correctly. This game has collected hundreds of millions of downloads and has an average rating of 4.5 on Google Play. Many players try to hack Criminal Case to get extra coins and the ability to use additional tips. This will increase your chances of making the investigation superb fast and get valuable rewards.

About the game

This is quite a specific game for fans of detective games. Criminal Case mod gives a unique experience of the investigator, here you immerse yourself in the criminal world and will be able to get acquainted with the various methods of investigation. Mysterious cases occur in the game, you need to investigate them and get to the truth.

Criminal Case hack

Become a detective story, the game takes place in the nineteenth century. You will have employees who will carry out all your assignments to investigate the murders. To complete the level, you will need to look for clues, crime articles, and participate in dialogues. Using coins, you can receive additional tips and solve the problem. Each time you will have several suspects, gathering information you need to prove your decision. The player is invited to perform a variety of tasks and mini-games to get to the bottom. For every successful investigation you will be able to receive an award and raise your level. The more stars you get at the level, the more money you can get. Hacked Criminal Case gives a purchase and allows you to unlock many tips.

Game process

The game has dozens of complex missions and tasks, each presented in the game as a separate story. You need to have the skills of following and logically reflecting, analyzing, to prove the guilt of the suspect. Speak with suspects to obtain additional evidence. The game gives you the opportunity to experience all the possibilities of following and improve your skills.

Criminal Case cheats

Graphics and sound

Criminal Case mod for Android, iOS has beautiful graphics, a wide variety of characters and levels. The game’s graphics do not pretend to be realistic and have a detective style, while it’s easy to see the details and differences of the game. The sounds of the game are quite simple and quickly bother, they do not differ in color and are designed to notify the player of new tips, or actions. The game thus gives a unique and exciting experience and is the leader in this genre.

If you have long dreamed of becoming detectives, investigating complex cases and solving problems, then be sure to download it from official websites. Using cheat codes you can get tips, coins and advantages from the game store for free.

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