Developers of the game Jurassic Survival, released a new action game called Cube Survival. The game is based on Last Day On Earth, which is the leader in this genre. This is a mobile version of the game in which you will survive in the post-apocalyptic zombie world. Destruction of civilization led to the disappearance of mankind, so you will have to cope alone. Take the cannon in your hands and destroy the crowds of the dead. Hack Cube Survival for coins will speed up the process and unlock paid items. But first we’ll get to know the game itself.

Action Survival Simulator

According to the standard scenario of this genre, you are the last survivor. Cube Survival on Android moves into the world full of dangers. Every minute you need to fight for life and not let yourself be devoured. Only on you depends the fate of humanity, so do not forget to acquire a powerful weapon. Around a lot of dead people, mutants and wild animals. Build a base to protect yourself from infection.

The world of survival will be familiar to many. Thanks to the received license, you can enjoy the most popular game of the genre for Android, iOS devices. Cubic graphics will allow you to enjoy the new experience. Start with survival with a simple weapon and travel around the map to find more valuable items. In the game are available dozens of weapons that will help repel attacks of different monsters.


Familiar gameplay in a new style, the main task throughout the game, survive. Collect resources on the map, use transport, weapons and build your own base. Always need to remember the surrounding danger. Cube Survival mod a lot of money will allow you to unlock valuable sets with food, resources and weapons and quickly improve your level. Promotional codes in the game will allow you to double the experience.

Build a house to protect from the crowd of monsters. This will not only be a protection, but also a resource warehouse, bring treasures to the house and create new items. In the process of passage and with the growth of the level you will be able to open new locations. This will unlock access to new items and valuable equipment. Collect the necessary items, coins Cube Survival: LDoE act as a currency and give free shopping and allow you to use paid sets.

Cube Survival: LDoE cheats


The developers decided to use two popular models in the game. They took familiar and popular locations of the famous game, but created it in the cubic world. The game resembles Minecraft, here you can craft and collect hundreds of items on different maps. Cube Survival: LDoE codes in the game will allows you to stay alive longer and quickly raise the level. Each battle can be the last, learn to repel the attacks of monsters to become the last survivor.

Do tasks, study new places and get additional experience. For money, a player can double XP, which gives a significant advantage and additional bonuses. Use the money to develop the character and raise his level. Cut down the trees, break the stones and build the base. With new achievements will open up new skills and opportunities.

Cube Survival: LDoE free

Prove your place in the food chain to learn how to use the Cube Survival cheats, follow the instructions and follow the simple rules. Everyone can get game sets from the game store for free, with the help of tricks.

Hack Cube Survival:LDoE

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