Cube Zombie Hunter hack

Fight with the zombies in the new game Cube Zombie Hunter for Android, iOS. This is an action game with endless battles, dozens of weapons and a variety of locations. The top view allows you to notice the zombies before they get too fast. Use the found weapons to repel their attack. First of all you need to survive, at the same time collect all the coins and money. Further purchases and upgrades will allow you to unlock additional weapons. Hacked Cube Zombie Hunter for money, gems, this is an opportunity to make free purchases.

About the game

Cheats Cube Zombie Hunter on Android, this is a new game from the company mobirix. The creators of such famous games are Fishing Hook, Zombie Hunter King, Shooting King and other best sellers of the mobile market. The dark city is full of evil dead, be ready every second. Usually they attack the crowd and to stay alive, you need to constantly move. First of all, you need to find a powerful weapon, during the battles move to scrip the necessary items.

Cube Zombie Hunter cheat

Thanks to a simple control system, you can play anywhere and anytime. Enjoy survival and constantly develop abilities. Between the passing levels, you can spend money on the purchase of new equipment. Also access booster in the form of invisibility, additional HP and armor. These assistants give an advantage during the passage and increase the chances of coping with a new wave of zombies. Also, you can download Cube Zombie Hunter mod apk for free.

Game process

The game is divided into levels, each time you will meet with dozens of zombies. Cube Zombie Hunter mod, this is an opportunity to gradually increase the complexity, while using dozens of weapons and equipment. Thanks to a simple control system, you can enjoy the gameplay. With the help of the touchpad, you move, and on the right is the joystick of aiming and shooting. Try new hacked games and Dude Perfect 2.

Cube Zombie Hunter mod

First of all, you need to get used to management, despite its simplicity, it takes time. Also in the game there is a navigator on which you can navigate in space and track the approach of enemies. The red dots on the navigator display the zombies, to the right of it is the score of the killed characters. Cheat codes Cube Zombie Hunter for free money gives a significant advantage when passing. With the help of coins and precious stones you will be able to unlock weapons, get extra lives, and also increase the characteristics.

Graphics and sounds

The shooter has pixel graphics, which attracts additional attention. 3D graphics in this case is not bright and fully displays post-apocalyptic time. Colorful effects and smooth movements fit in 40 MB. You can download the game for free, purchases allow you to increase your combat characteristics and capabilities. Cube Zombie Hunter cheat codes for money and diamonds, this is an opportunity to play for free using paid items.

Cube Zombie Hunter codes

In addition, you get a large set of weapons and valuable items. Using coins, you can upgrade them. A precious stones will allow you to use paid weapons, armor and the rest of the equipment. The game will please with a huge arsenal of weapons, from a pistol to a bazooka. Since each gun has a different range of fire, as well as power, you can choose the best option. Follow the prompts and promotional codes will give you a significant advantage when you pass. This is the easiest and safest way to get additional resources for free.

Cube Zombie Hunter hack, Android and iOS:

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• Disable ads – IqicsT6_ # YZ
• Enable invisibility (re-enter to turn it off) – uzqI8Uy_ # gB
• Infinite HP – VtAqCmC_ # OD


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