Cut the Rope: Magic – a few more puzzles from the studio Zepto Lab with cute Om Nom in an interesting game for android. According to the plot of the game, a cheerful and cute character Om Nom read an enchanted book and as always wove his favorite sweets. The wicked sorcerer who lived in the book, fought for sweets and stole them from Om Nom. Your task is to help the main character to return his sweets and harm the evil sorcerer. Your task at the level will be to cut the ropes and throw sweets directly into the mouth of the main sweet tooth. Hacked Cut the Rope: Magic for And iOS for free.

You can download Cut the Rope: Magic mod apk for free and use cheats. The first levels in the game will be more like training, with tips, and pass them will not be difficult. But gradually there will be additional items, and also you will have the opportunity to turn your hero into funny little animals. In total, you can turn your hero into 5 other guises. Dragon, cast, mouse, fish and chicken, each of them has its own unique ability. By turning into another character, you can dive into the water or improve your sense of smell, you can go through walls or slip into narrow slots and much more.

Cut the Rope: Magic crystals


The highest rating for passing the level will be 3 stars. If you do not get something, then you can use the light-tip, which will indicate the correct move and direct you to the desired direction. In the game cheat codes Cut the Rope: Magic, the graphics component remained virtually unchanged. Added new locations, slightly changed the animation, and there were several beautiful special effects, so the game began to look even more elegant and interesting. The main character as always touches with his appearance, and also added a few cute little animals. The musical component also deserves the highest ratings.

Management in the game Cut the Rope: Magic is simple and you quickly get used to it. With the help of the tapes you use auxiliary objects and switch between the heroes, and cut the ropes by the svays. In total in the game you have to pass more than 100 exciting levels. Help Am Nyama to pass them as correctly as possible and return all the sweets to his master, incidentally getting rid of the sorcerer !!! Below you can download hacked Cut the Rope: Magic for free, which will open all levels and a lot of money.

Cut the Rope: Magic cheat

Secrets and Tips:

Cut the Rope: Magic hack  is a new fascinating piece of the mobile puzzle in which you will again meet with a funny hero named Om Nom. In a special presentation, he does not need, since millions of users are familiar with this faddy frog, adoring sweets and sweets.

The story begins with the fact that Om Nom is reading a book and eating delicious, not suspecting that the book is bewitched. Soon he came across a description of magical spells with which you can change the appearance. These magical recipes were very interesting to Om Nom. But as soon as he began to apply them in action, as an evil sorcerer appeared from the book, who decided to steal all the sweets of the protagonist. Om Nom does not hesitate for a second “dives” after the mean wizard in the book. And is in the world of magic, and you need to help the sweet tooth do not get into bad history.

Travel through the wonderful worlds of magic, not forgetting in time to cut the ropes on which hanging sweets to feed Om Nom. In addition, collect special stars and solve entertaining puzzles and puzzles. The first levels of Cut the Rope: Magic will be fairly easy, as they serve as training, but gradually the difficulty of the tasks will increase, and at the levels there will be a lot of additional items and tasks. Change the appearance of Am Nyama, turning it at will into a nice chicken, dragon, cast, fish or mouse. Each image has specific properties and will help you avoid traps and earn more money more effectively.

Cut the Rope: Magic free

How to use mod Cut the Rope: Magic and cheats for free:

Cut the Rope: Magic – the long-awaited continuation of an amazing puzzle, loved by millions of mobile device users. And who of us can remain indifferent when it comes to candy? This time your hero collided with magic power. An evil wizard kidnapped all the candies and transferred them to a fairy-tale country. In pursuit of the magician, the hero enters the magical worl. Being wrapped up in the pages of the magic book. So now you have to, as before hunt for sweets. But remembering that the world around you is not quite ordinary, nothing to be surprised.

Hacking game cut the rope magic you can download from our site free applications. The puzzle section contains many other interesting games. Including those with magic characters, so if you liked this puzzle, be sure to try and others.

For those who are already familiar with the series about Om Nom will not encounter in this game with difficulties. The gameplay has not changed and you still need to make an effort to ensure that the candy is in the gaping mouth of the hero. To do this, you need to solve the logical problem. Removing all obstacles from the path of the candy and moving it to the desired place.

Cut the Rope: Magic mod

The game has 12 levels, with different types of obstacles, aimed at a phased complication of the goal. In addition to the gameplay, the hero will change, changing into different creatures from mouse to dragon. Each incarnation has additional abilities, diversifying the game. The ability to reincarnate in a particular character is not given immediately, it needs to be unlocked.


Cut the Rope: Magic – a fascinating puzzle game on android from ZeptoLab, which is somewhat similar to its predecessors, but has a number of unique features and a partially modified gameplay. The main change is that the main character Om Nom can now turn into other characters. You also can try other games: Cut the Rope and Cut the Rope 2 hack for free.

The new version of the gameplay is not much different from the original. The user still has to cut the ropes, so that the sacred candies fall to the main character. But this time the levels are so diverse that you can not do without reincarnation. Thus, there are often levels in which Om Nom can take the form of a bird that can fly up to a small height. Or a fish that perfectly floats in the water.

Cut the Rope: Magic codes

These abilities allow you to successfully pass Cut the Rope: Magic mod, without getting stuck at specific stages. Very often the character himself hangs on a rope, or is attached to a specific design. In the most difficult moments, you can use hints, the number of which is limited. As in the previous parts of the puzzle, here at each level it is necessary to assemble three stars. And it does not matter how they are picked up – candy or Om Nom.

Cheats for Hack Cut the Rope: Magic, Android and iOS for free:

  • Mound of magic crystals Cut the Rope: Magic for free (30)  – CY-3g29qf
  • Unlock Snowy Hills Pack – WA-39wfaq
  • Value pack! – DJ-3gw9gw
  • Disable Ads – QZ-6g98eifh

The graphics in the game became more vivid and beautiful, the animation smoother. Almost all elements of the interface were redrawn, which immediately catches the eye. Management remained unchanged, all the same touches and taps. In general, Cut the Rope: Magic – a worthy continuation of a series of popular games. A fresh look at game mechanics and visual effects gave the project a new breath. Recommended for connoisseurs of fast logical arcades.


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