Dan the Man mod

If you like fun and dynamic arcades, then Dan the Man is a great option for you. Since the game was created by developers Jetpack Joyride, Fruit Ninja, the quality of the game and the gameplay at the highest level. The game has a retro style and will take up to 100MB on the phone, depending on the platform. You can download mod games for free, but there are purchases in it.

Therefore, you will have to spend real money to buy the premium version and gold coins, or use the hacked Dan the Man. With cheat codes, everyone can get resources from the game store on their Android device, iOS. Let’s first learn more about Dan Man.

Dan the Man hack

About the game

Since strange creatures attacked Dan’s village, and he has increased social responsibility, he challenges monsters. Therefore, you have to manage Dan and carry out tasks to save the village. Dan the Man mod has dozens of interesting and complex tasks, a large number of weapons and boosters. Since the number of enemies is constantly growing, you need to constantly develop the skills of the character and improve the combo. Control of the character is carried out with the help of touch buttons, which is very convenient and allows you to quickly respond to a change in the situation.

In addition to an interesting story with the kidnapping of a friend, there is an excellent training system. First of all you will learn to perform the most simple combos and attacks. Raising the level and opening a new weapon, you have to make constant improvements. Elements of RPG will help create a hero with unique skills. In addition, the game has special skills, you can get them with a lot of money Dan the Man.

Dan the Man codes

Game process

The game is very simple and at the same time exciting. Therefore, you do not need to spend much time studying the controls. After spending a couple of minutes you can quickly navigate the menu and perform any combo. Because of the big dynamics and a huge number of opponents, you have a lot to move. Hence jumping and moving occupy an important part of the game. Doing this with the touch buttons is very convenient. Dan the Man money and premium version will be needed for those who are bored of the usual passage and wanted more dynamics.

Also, money is needed to buy weapons and new equipment. A lot of time in the game goes to the collection of resources that the creature delays. In addition to the main weapon, you can equip the character with additional equipment, thereby increasing the combat qualities of the character. The game is available on different platforms, so the system for using codes can be different.

Because it takes a lot of time to pump, it takes time to research. Dan the Man cheat codes on android has dozens of interesting and challenging tasks. In addition to the main storyline, separate missions are added, which may seem very difficult for a new player. More than 10 million gamers have downloaded and installed the game, in which you will receive new assignments and daily missions. The developer still supports the game, so you can enjoy new updates and daily tasks.

Graphics and sound

The game has a retro schedule, it is made in the style of 2D, which did not stop to become so popular. The developers have specially chosen this design to give the game a retro style and create the right atmosphere. The game is full of fun and a fun moment, they will definitely cheer you up. Together with the included sound, you immerse yourself in a dynamic and vibrant adventure. This is an interesting experience for fans of arcade games,  download free Dan the Man mod for money can be obtained with the help of codes.

Dan the Man cheat

In addition to all you can disable advertising in the game, unlock weapons and get the premium version of the game for free. This is the easiest way to get more pleasure from the game.

Hack Dan the Man cheat codes for free, Android and iOS:

  • Premium (delete advertisement) – WX # dA7546p
  • Barry Steakfreeze – kO # iO64650v
  • BARRY + PREMIUM – if # VP346J
  • 5 500 gold coins – v2 # KD734d
  • Knight’s costume – yO # Jz5757C
  • Winter campaign – sc # Eg6346L


  1. At first I did not believe that this hack was working. I want to thank the developers, it’s really cool cheats. I love this game!

  2. Dan the man is by far my favourite game, This is really a real hack! Developers, thank you very much for the free cheat codes!

  3. Dan the man is by far my favourite game, This is really a real hack! Developers, thank you very much for the free cheat codes!


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