Day of the Viking – a strategy about the invasion of the Vikings for android. In this application, you are asked to protect the fortress from the powerful bearded men. The Vikings, who want to steal the princess. Your task is to prevent the Vikings from reaching the gates of the fortress, if they can get close to them. At first you will have at your disposal a couple of archers and a small catapult that shoots cobblestones. For shooting from which you will need to calculate the flight path each time. There is another character in the game – a scout. With his help we select useful items from the battlefield. You can download Day of the Viking mod apk.

Day of the Viking mod

Tap at the enemy you give the command to shoot the archers, but sometimes they are not there, either they rest, or they run to the forge for their arrows. But with swipe, having traced the trajectory, you can launch a pile of stones from the catapult. A view of what is happening on the screen in the game cheats Day of the Viking is carried out from the side and, as it were, from below, which greatly hinders the determination of the trajectory when shooting from a catapult. At the first levels of such protection is enough. Also, you can download other hacked games: Dr Driving 2FIFA 19 MOBILE for free.


With each level, the number of upcoming Vikings will constantly increase and it is then that we will have to think about improving the protection that can be opened for the stars received in previous levels, and purchased for real money. After repelling the next attack in the game, you have the opportunity to improve the characteristics of your archers and their number and buy additional defense of the fortress or more powerful cores for the catapult for donat, because soon the Vikings will attack your fortress from above and start jumping over ordinary stones flying in them.

Day of the Viking cheat

In total you have to keep the defense for more than 80 levels, as well as about 10 prize. The game will enthrall you with a variety of levels, interesting and dynamic gameplay with perky sound. The graphic component of the game is made in good quality, and the game locations and characters in bright colors and cartoon format. Easy to manage will not make you distracted from the gameplay. Like all games distributed for free, it pays off due to the presence in it within gaming purchases. Below you can download a hacked Day of the Viking in which there will be a lot of money.

Secrets and Tips:

Day of the Viking is a Tower Defense game, which develops during the time of the Vikings. The country is ravaged by incessant wars, stocks are exhausted and the population faces famine, the only place where supplies are left is the castle of the head of the kingdom. The treacherous and bloodthirsty Vikings waited when the master of the citadel set off for another military campaign and decided to besiege the castle. But for the king, the main value is not at all provisions and not even wealth, but a princess, still a very little girl.

Day of the Viking codes

So you have to help the troops defending the fortress to drive out the merciless raiders.
Codes Day of the Viking for Android is a combination of tactical strategy and a touch arcade. The gameplay is divided into more than 80 unique levels with changing weather conditions and time of day. The possibility of improving and developing weapons and lock. Dozens of types of enemies from ordinary infantry to complex combat vehicles. Many achievements and prizes. Unique hand-drawn graphics and great voice.

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