The game in which you have to destroy everything in its path is Dead Paradise. Since this is a funny shooter, he will send you to a fantastic world. Because everything is destroyed there, because of this, all who survived must fight for resources. First of all, resources are needed in order to survive and make purchases. In addition, the players have to become a warrior and drive on his car. It is specially prepared to drive in locations.


Finally you will have the opportunity to drive while still shooting. Because in most games this is not provided. In your arsenal will be a huge amount of weapons, which can also be improved or bought a new one. You do not need to download Dead Paradise mod apk, like in the other games. For example hacked game Off The Road, new and funny game.

Dead Paradise cheat

The most notable are machine guns and grenade launchers. First of all, improve your car so that the trip is not in vain. And then you can start and collect your team. It is especially important to seize new territories. As a result, you need a lot of cache to keep and improve everything. With cheats Dead Paradise for money you can buy everything you want and for free.


  • The ability to conquer one location after another, and get resources from the opponents that you won.
  • The game has more than 90 levels and each with different locations.
  • You can pump cars.
  • In the game more than 10 cars for every taste and tank.
  • You can choose one of 3 difficulty levels with different awards.
  • You are waiting for 5 unique bosses. They can be killed and pick up cars.
  • Starting from ordinary motorcycles and ending with super heavy tanks, these are all kinds of enemies.
  • An excellent arsenal of weapons and the ability to customize controls in the game.
  • It seems that the game is very simple, but it’s not. It is necessary to take many strategic decisions so as not to lose in the first battle.
  • Therefore, you need to try hard and then you will overcome all the evil on this planet.

Dead Paradise mod

Hacked Dead Paradise for Android and iOS, will allow you to easily get our codes, and simultaneously with them a lot of money in the game. So you can make improvements and purchases completely free. Therefore, you do not need special settings or any of your data. While others are suffering from a lack of resources, you will be able to enter the codes several times. In conclusion, I can say that all the cheats are completely safe for your device. As a result, if you have not seen such codes yet, you can see the details on the site.

Hack Dead Paradise Codes for Android and iOS:

Code for 2 000 000 money in the game, get free – YB-H398EWI

How to use cheats Dead Paradise:

Maybe immediately you do not believe that this is possible, but checking everything you will be most satisfied with the result. Use all the codes as simple as possible. You will see for yourself. Details on the site.

Dead Paradise codes

Free game Dead Paradise – a racing action, the action of which takes place in a world that survived the apocalypse. Here, the user has to survive in a hostile environment. After the nuclear war, civilization rolled back, and now there is a war for the remaining resources. The protagonist is looking for his family, which disappeared during this chaos. He will have a hard way, at which he will meet both friendly and hostile characters. To pave the way, you have to fight with enemies and bosses, but nothing will stop the hero on the way to his goal.


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