Deep Town hack

Deep Town – a game in which you have to extract valuable metal from the depths of the earth. Only you can uncover the ancient mystery of the planet. Then you will get a lot of interesting knowledge. This clicker with strategy elements. So nobody thought to think about it. Your goal is to collect as many materials as possible, which are deep in our planet. Who wants and adores interesting simulators, you can go to The Trail.

Secrets and Tips:

First of all, you need to choose a tool for a particular layer of soil. The further you advance, the harder it will become. If you dig out something interesting, you can save it in your warehouse. In the future, these resources can be sold, and on the proceeds to buy their own tools. All in order to improve your robot.

Deep Town mod

Also you will have the opportunity to build buildings that are directly related to your craft. Do not forget that everything is necessary for your development. The more money you can earn, the deeper you will get to the ground. All purchases and improvements may not have enough resources. But with cheats Deep Town for money and crystals, this problem is solved once and for all.

Features of this game:

  • The planet on which you are leading your excavations is abandoned, try to at least get something useful from it.
  • A large number of resources that can not only be used for their own needs, but also profitable to sell.
  • Many tools, without which excavations are simply not possible.
  • Complete assignments to get even more rewards and resources.
  • After each passed stage, you will meet bosses, they need to be destroyed as quickly as possible.
  • A decent schedule and the most simple management of the game.

Deep Town cheat

Hacked Deep Town for Android and iOS, will help you realize all your plans in the shortest possible time. No more need to download fashion or buy special settings. The codes are not only completely free, they are also safe for any of your devices. All that you need in the game you can get with our codes. Security has always been in the first place, and these cheats guarantee it. Even personal information will remain untouched. Just enjoy the game without limits. Also, you can use new hacked games Rift Heroes and MMX Hill Dash 2 for free.


Deep Town Mining Factory – clicker for Android-devices, in which the player will go underground to build a city of robots. To do this, you need to use all the tools available for excavating and extracting resources. In order to excavate and extract metal ore, it is necessary to use high-tech tools.

Deep Town codes

With its help, it is necessary to pierce one layer of earth after another, receiving minerals and constructing new robotic assistants from them. In the end, the user will create a huge underground metropolis with a developed infrastructure that will look amazing.

Deep Town Codes for Android and iOS:

  • Use the cheat to get 700 000 money, in the game – DThjdue7
  • To get 70 000 crystals in the game, free – DTbdjw3e


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