Hacked Deer Hunter CLASSIC in which you can play not only on android and iOS devices, but also in facebook. In the simulator you will be able to hunt in various parts of the world. Here you will see more than 100 species of wild animals that you can kill and earn good money and experience for this.

For money, you can buy good rifles, as well as improve well before the next hunt. And for the accumulated experience you can open new maps and even huge locations with wildlife. He wants to be very good, because extra shots and all the game will start running in different directions. After all, a fixed target is much easier to shoot than the one that runs at high speed. You can use free cheats Deer Hunter CLASSIC for Android and iOS, loke in the other games: Mighty Army World War 2 and Pen Run.

Secrets and Tips:

Participate in hunting tournaments with your friends and collect good trophies. Hunt for the most exotic animals of our planet and become a real professional with the most modern rifle in your hands, which you can only get in the game Deer Hunter CLASSIC for Android & iOS. In us you can find step-by-step instructions on how to get a lot of money for free, unlock weapons and get an important advantage when passing the game.

Deer Hunter CLASSIC cheat

Together with the creators of the game and the main characters, you go where you want – even in the African savannah to wild lions and antelopes, even on the Pacific coast, even in the desert! The choice is huge, and this is one of the main features of the game. However, only this game is not limited. Also, you can downoad Deer Hunter CLASSIC mod.


  1. Truly a magnificent animal world. The real expanse for a hunter is more than 100 species, and only a few individuals. You can hunt enough, most importantly, look around – predators, such as bears, tigers and many others, are ready to defend themselves. The vegetation world will also surprise you with its realism and beauty – but do not stare, so as not to miss another victim.
  2. Huge selection of weapons. Sights, rifles, trunks and much, much more – all this will be sold in stores in different countries, just have time to buy. Save money and experience in order to open your favorite weapon. Yeah, you’ll have to learn to understand it!
  3. Club hunting. You can pass levels and tests with friends. This will give you additional rewards and new assignments in the Deer Hunter Classic game. Also in the chat, you can just chat with each other.
  4. Availability. The game is completely free, although at will you can purchase some items for a small amount.
  5. Trophies. In addition, you can not just collect a wall of achievements for yourself – you can compete for the championship with other games in the list of leaders of Google Play.

Deer Hunter CLASSIC  mod

After downloading the game, you will receive one of the best hunting simulators for Android & iOS. Using cheat codes Deer Hunter CLASSIC, the player can free unlock the paid premiere and get more opportunities from the game and use the updates first. Visit different corners of the globe and enjoy the beauty and realism of what is happening! Hunt for the most exotic animals. No experience – do not worry, the game contains a training mode!

Deer Hunter CLASSIC hack:

  • Pay Day Gold Pack – 8Y_GKhljUP
  • Spending Money Gold Pack – jX_QaISoy4
  • Pay Day Gold Pack – PC_rDo9xiT
  • Cash Safe Gold Pack – Ns_XptkgdK
  • Spending Money Hunter Buck Pack – IF_GIshing

The weapon will be pleased with the variety – from sniper rifles to guns! In addition, you can upgrade – install a thermal imager or a night vision device. Play yourself or with friends, unite in alliances, go through different missions and get a reward! Join the new hunting season. You should not remain indifferent, because the game Deer Hunter Classic hack is created based on your feedback and ideas that developers always take into account when upgrading.


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