King Of Hunters hack

Participate in battles on dinosaurs in the new game Dinos Royale. This is a free action game on mobile phones in which you can fight online, or in solitary mode. Collect items and weapons, catch the dinosaur and use its speed and strength in combat. The game has a top view, as in the King of Crabs, as well as an advanced online mode. But at the same time, pixel-type graphics will appeal to many, not only small requirements but also beautiful locations. Hacked Dinos Royale, it’s unlimited coins, lots of money and precious stones.

About the game

An unusual arcade has a great variety of dinosaurs, weapons and large maps. Dinos Royale mod gives a chance to test your fighting skills against huge animals and strong opponents. To sit on the dinosaur, you need to find it and use the button with the image of a dinosaur and arrows. Once on the back, you can still use ranged weapons. But apart from that, you get the opportunity to use the power of a dinosaur and attack the enemy.

King Of Hunters cheat

The power of your pet will depend on the size and level of the animal. With experience, the understanding of the choice of a dinosaur and the skills of its management will come. Crazy battles have fast gameplay, unpredictable outcome of the battle and great competition. You can exchange the received money for the new weapon, purchase of new skins and skills. Coins and diamonds play an important role in raising the level and gaining access to paid items. You can download Dinos Royale mod apk.

Game process

Once on the battlefield, you find yourself in a real meat grinder. Here, everyone will try to destroy you, cheats Dinos Royale will give advantage in the form of additional lives. Buy first aid kits, use more powerful weapons and there are huge dinosaurs. With the help of the touchpad you can navigate on the map. Also dozens of other buttons are available, they all have images and are responsible for one of the actions.

King Of Hunters codes

During the game you can change the appearance of the player, monitor the number of cartridges, lives and use first-aid kits. Free Dinos Royale can be played using the bonus codes you can at any time be able to get extra lives. This is a significant advantage, as well as a chance to get extra points during the fight. Despite the number of buttons, control in the game is simple. You can use free King Of Hunters and WarBox – Boxes of Fortune Warface.

Graphics and sounds

Colorful action game has pixel graphics, all elements are made in the form of cubes. Thanks to this, the game can take up very little space on the phone, while giving you extensive experience of battles. 3D graphics allowed to create a game with shadows, changing trees into transparent foliage. And as you expect bright flashes of various weapons and effects. Dinos Royale money in the form of coins and diamonds give freedom of purchase between fights.

King Of Hunters mod

First of all, train your skills, as well as use items to raise the level. Everyone can get a lot of money for free, just follow the instructions and learn how to enter the codes. To hack the game, you do not have to download the mod, or enter personal information. Bonus codes provide an opportunity to get additional resources in the game for free.

Dinos Royale hack, Android and iOS, free:

• 65 000 gold coins, free of charge – RC_Vn8CfKW
• Code for 3,750 diamonds – MC_KO5Xf9Q


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