The company Timuz Games has released a wonderful dragon hunting simulator. Dinosaur Hunter 2018, this is an action game for mobile devices. You can download it for free from Google Play, Apple Store, this is one of the best simulators of dragon hunting. But not only will you be dangerous in this game, after the first shot your goal will run on you. Consequently, it is necessary to have time to destroy the dinosaur in order to survive in harsh conditions. The game is free, hack Dinosaur Hunter 2018 for money will be needed for those who want to unlock all levels and weapons in the game.

Dinosaur Hunter

The developer company has released many popular games, for example Train Simulator 2016 downloaded tens of millions of users. This indicates a qualitative approach to creating games. Mod Dinosaur Hunter 2018 for Android give an unforgettable experience of hunting for terrestrial dinosaurs and pterodactyls.

Dinosaur Hunter 2018 hack

The latter will attack you from the air, you need to have powerful weapons and shoot accurately. At the beginning of each level, the player receives assignments, by completing all the points you will be able to gain experience and additional money into the account.

In the game dozens of weapons, each gun has unique characteristics of power, range of aiming and speed recharge. The money in the game will allow you to unlock powerful weapons and improve it. A good gun, this is a high chance to complete the level with a feathery fold. Be careful, keep an eye on the task. You need to choose the right target on the level and do not waste time on the rest of the dinosaurs.

Game process

Of course, you’ll start playing with a little training. The free Dinosaur Hunter 2018 mod has convenient controls. Svayp on the left of the screen will aim, and on the right there is a button for shooting. Consequently, at any time you can put the game on pause. At the top of the screen are the health indicators and the number of targets hit. With each level, complexity increases, the number of goals and their size increases.

Dinosaur Hunter 2018 cheat

A large dinosaur requires more powerful weapons, otherwise it will take several shots to inflict the necessary damage. And for this you will not have time, large and predatory animals will start a counterattack after the first shot. Cheats Money Dinosaur Hunter 2018 will unlock all weapons in the game and gain an advantage when passing. Develop your skills to destroy several goals. In addition, they constantly move, you need to shoot ahead. To gain more experience and money, aim at the head, heart, lungs, or brain. This way you can hit the target faster and get extra points.

Graphics and sounds

3D graphics and high detail are successfully moving in time. You can feel the danger of being among the dangerous giants. Consequently, the game has colorful graphics with clear animal models and dozens of weapons. Dinosaur Hunter 2018 codes for coins unlock all weapons and available upgrades. So the question of passing the level will depend on the accuracy of the shooting and the speed of the reaction.

In the game you will meet the most famous dinosaurs, you have to hunt for species moving in the air. In addition, this complicates the task, a good sight with a large degree of increase will quickly cope with the task. Do not be alarmed by the sound, the terrifying screams will be heard from the side of the dinosaur. Be careful and react to every movement. Despite the fact that you are a hunter, you can quickly become the target of a huge predator.

Dinosaur Hunter 2018 codes

Hack Dinosaur Hunter 2018 cheat codes for Android and iOS:

• 150 000 coins for free (cheat code for a lot of money) – Gb-fut30f
• Unlock all levels – Sc-fry20qe4
• Unlock all guns – Kp-fu093w
• Disable ads in the game – Ty-239qwfhg

Follow the instructions to learn how to use the codes for Android, iOS devices. Explore the dangerous world faster, immerse yourself in an exciting hunt and raise your level. Great rewards and valuable trophies await you.



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