New game Dinosaurs Are People Too from the company Pomelo Games. The creators of Once Upon a Tower, Mars: Mars created a simulator of dinosaurs. In it, you can observe the whole planet, which survived the fall of the meteorite. After a big catastrophe, they still decided to leave the caves, but you need to help them. Despite the paws, with their help you will be able to cultivate the land, extract resources and develop civilization. Hacked Dinosaurs Are People Too for money will allow you to unlock more dinosaurs and significantly speed up the process.

About the game

At the very beginning you can observe the deserted land. In the process of passing, the downloading Dinosaurs Are People Too mod will open up to you limitless opportunities for development. Discover new dinosaurs and use their power for the benefit of a new civilization. Since this is a clicker, you can manage the processes with one hand. After downloading the game you get an unusual experience and will be able to watch the evolution of huge pets.

Dinosaurs Are People Too cheat

In the game you can watch the whole world by unlocking new locations. Every opening in the game is a new opportunity. In addition to growing dinosaurs, you will need resources. With simple screen clicks, you can manage processes, extract minerals and increase capital. To control the game enough tapap on the screen. The more dinosaurs you have, the more money you will receive per unit of time.

Game process

First of all, this is a casual game that has simple processes. Cheats Dinosaurs Are People Too on Android gives a unique experience. Because the dinosaurs hid in the caves during the fall of the meteorite. After a big catastrophe, they were on the planet alone, to survive we have to manage many processes. A consistent introduction to the game will help familiarize yourself with the main processes. Also, you can try new hacked games Monsters with Attitude and Ski Safari 2 for free.

Since all actions are performed by dinosaurs, you need to train them to extract resources and help build plants for this. They perfectly cope with the task, every second bringing money. On the right of the screen you can see the number of dinosaurs in the team. By increasing their number you will be able to receive more and more resources. Money Dinosaurs Are People Too will speed many processes and quickly raise the level.

Dinosaurs Are People Too mod

Graphics and sounds

A colorful planet with inhabited dinosaurs around. You will see this picture every time you start. 3D graphics allowed to display a three-dimensional Earth. And you can rotate it and use resources throughout the area. Collect fossils, work hard to raise your level. Dinosaurs Are People Too can be played free of charge if you use bonus codes. This feature is available for gamers on Android, iOS.

Following the prompts, you will be able to build a new civilization with dinosaurs. Every new pet, it’s an opportunity to open a new mine and get extra money. Under your control there will be a whole planet with dinosaurs. Use your quick tapping skills on the screen to quickly raise the level. Be ready for new challenges and accept assignments. Everyone can get more pleasure by using codes.

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