The game Disney Heroes Battle Mode brought together the characters of cartoons from the company Walt Disney. It is a worldwide company, with famous heroes in all countries. The game contains famous characters from cartoons and movies, which I know both adults and children. The PerBlue Entertainment team received copyright for the use of characters, resulting in an exciting strategy. In this article, you will find options to use the hack Disney Heroes Battle Mode, but first let’s talk about the game itself.

Heroes of Disney

The game is available for free download on Android, iOS. In this case, there was no way out of the official version on the android. Download Disney Heroes Battle Mode by sending a request for pre-registration. Bright game takes about 186 MB, has a good graphics and a large number of characters. Many items and legendary characters are available for real money, through game purchases.

Disney Heroes Battle Mode hack

The game is officially authorized by Walt Disney, so copyright issues should not arise. But we do not yet know the exact date of official release. Join the game, here many can recall their childhood and meet their favorite characters from the films. The game will be interesting to both adults and children. In this game, there are old characters and cartoon characters that have become known only recently, such as Pixar from The Incredibles, Wreck-It Ralph and Zootopia!

Game process

In the game Disney Heroes Battle Mode mod, you can unlock the characters and combine them into a team. Favorite heroes will help to perform complex tasks and pass missions. Passing assignments you will receive coins and diamonds, the last player gets for significant achievements, raising the level.

Each hero has unique skills that you can use in combat. They are very diverse and each player can create a unique team. Watch for indicators of health and strength, having received coins, spend them on improving your team.

Purchases in the game

The copyrights to famous characters are expensive, so the game pays a lot of attention to game purchases. Access to valuable items and heroes is available for virtual currencies. Diamonds play a key role and are sold for real money. They are needed to quickly restore health, or purchase rare characters. You can pay for the purchase of diamonds with a credit card. But if you do not want to spend money on a purchase, use a hacked Disney Heroes Battle Mode with codes that will give you a set of game currency and help unlock the paid functions.

Disney Heroes Battle Mode cheats

Graphics and sound in the game

The developer paid great attention to graphics, 3D animation with great picture clarity and smooth animation. It will certainly leave a pleasant impression after downloading, you seem to become a cartoon character from the company Disney. Heroes are created exactly like a cartoon, many have the same skills and capabilities. Include a sound that will immerse you even more into an exciting story. But do not forget that this is a strategy and you need to work on your tactics to win the battle.

Fans of the series have long been waiting for the official release date, but the developer delays the Disney Heroes Battle Mode for Android, which further fuels interest. In any case, you can already get the experience by downloading the beta version of the game, and using cheat codes you can quickly raise the level and unlock your favorite characters.

Disney Heroes Battle Mode hack:

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Follow the instructions to properly use the promotional codes in the game.


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