Probably everyone played in Doodle Jump game. The game came out 5 (!) Years ago and immediately won the hearts of millions of mobile device users. Considering the fact that it appeared at the dawn of the development of mobile games, its success is stunning. The developers have earned more than a million dollars on their creation.

Let’s move on to the game itself. You have to manage Doodler – whether an alien, or a funny monster. The main character has a yellow-green body, four legs and a pipe instead of a nose. He jumps high and shoots at enemies from his “nose”. The main goal of the game is to rise as high as possible, jumping on platforms and destroying enemies. But not everything is as simple as it seems at first glance. On your way to meet not one obstacle and many different enemies. Hacked Doodle Jump mod for money will lightly ease the task for you, but an interesting game will remain for sure.

Doodle Jump free

Game Secrets:

This game on the tablet supports multiplayer, where you can compete both with your friends and with random people around the world. The game in multiplayer mode goes up to 12,500 points, after which the winner is appointed. In the usual mode, you can jump up to infinity, although it is unlikely you will succeed. On our site you can find apk game files and download Doodle Jump mod for Android.

The design of the game is very simple, but it is immediately noticeable that all the details are well worked out. The background is a simple tetrad page in a cage, and the characters and the environment themselves are drawn a la “by hand”. The control is very simple and will not cause any inconvenience. Try to establish your own personal record and compete with people around the world in such a simple but popular toy!

Doodle Jump mod


Finally, the most iconic game appeared for Android-platform. Completely optimized old good Cheats Doodle Jump now pleases us not only on the way to work or study, but also at home. If you have not played this fantastic game, it’s worth a try. Once you know who a doodle is and you definitely will not be indifferent. The online edition of MacWorld called the game “an insanely playable and extremely addictive mini-game.”

So, what heights do you achieve in a literal and figurative sense? The game area is like a sheet of a notebook in a cage. Your task – to jump from one platform to another platform, located above. You can also pick up jetpacks that will lift your doodle up a few positions. It is interesting that while you climb up you can meet the records of other players.

There may also be a black hole that will swallow you and the game will end. Notebook sheet, presented as a standard design can be replaced with another. For example, a jungle or space, or an underwater kingdom, or a world of ninjas, or, in general, a field for playing rugby. With each design changes and the appearance of your character. So, in space, the character is wearing a spacesuit.

Doodle Jump cheat

Graphics and Sounds:

A large number of bonuses that diversified Doodle Jump – the above-mentioned missiles, as well as trampolines with propeller caps, which quickly move the character upward. On your way there will be various obstacles, such as black holes, UFOs that move in the given direction or huge monsters that your character will destroy with one blow, but you have to catch it yet. Platforms with which the character climbs up can also be of different types.

At first these are simple panels and jumping on them very easily, but then they start moving, and some generally explode. There are also disappearing and breaking, but all are not marked with a different color and therefore it will be easy to distinguish them. Also interesting is the rating system and records. Beat your friends’ records or let them try to beat yours. Control is carried out using an accelerometer.

Doodle Jump codes

So, you need to tilt the phone either to the right or to the left. For a shot, just click on any part of the screen. The game has become a cultural phenomenon, as even actors and TV presenters play it during breaks between filming. So try to taste the game worth it, at least for the sake of knowing it better. In addition to the original Doodle Jump, you can also download to android and hacked Doodle Jump in which you will already have a lot of money.

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