Dr. Driving is an automobile simulator in which you will learn how to operate a car. And navigate while driving around the city. The game application will give you the opportunity to test your strength in urban driving conditions. You will have a complex parking, drift, control in the flow of cars, transportation of passengers and the fulfillment of tasks.

Dr.driving hacked version – it’s probably not even a race. But a toy that will teach you the rules of the road and the motorist’s code of conduct on the road. The game is punished for accidents, improper parking and even for turns under a prohibiting sign. Therefore, if you want to become the best driver. And also get into the standings called “To be proud of the city”, teach and observe the rules of the road.

Dr. Driving mod

Secrets and Tips:

Small application size Driving and minimum operating system requirements, it allows you to install it on an outdated android platform. Even on low-power devices it is supported by its three-dimensional graphics. Pass the mission successfully and complete the game tasks, and you will be rewarded with the game currency. Also money is given out for authorization in the game under a stock from Facebook and a detailed review on the playmarket. You can download Dr. Driving mod for free.

For the most impatient players who want to upgrade the car immediately, you can install the application endless money and enjoy the game without interference. Each task is given for a time that can be extended using only real money. Install the game, pass various tests and missions and take the driving test perfectly!

Dr. Driving cheat


Dr. Driving cheats is an interesting racing simulator for android. Its feature is that this is not an ordinary race like Asphalt 8 or Real Racing 3, but a full-fledged driving simulator. The user expects interesting missions for driving in megacities.

Thus, it is worth approaching the game as responsibly as possible, otherwise you will not enjoy driving. Instead of the classic cutting of circles and the destruction of opponents on the road, it will be necessary to park properly, pass a certain number of blocks, move along the specified streets, drive trucks and much more. Maybe it’s not so exciting and dynamic, but very interesting and informative.

For the passage of missions in the cheat codes for Dr. Driving money for which you can buy cars and all sorts of improvements for them: power, brakes, tires, fuel, convenience and durability. But even if the player has enough money to open all the bonuses, they will be available after reaching a certain level of driving.

Dr. Driving codes

About the game:

Management in the game is well thought out and problems with it should not arise. On the right is the steering wheel, to the left – the gas and brake pedals. During the race, a special gearbox appears on the right side of the screen. The visual component of the application is at a primitive level, but this does not prevent to fully enjoy the quality gameplay.

To summarize, it is worth noting that Dr. Driving hack is a specific auto simulator for smartphones and tablets. The game may not like fans of modern colorful racing due to simple graphics, and the rest should definitely check their knowledge and skills in driving vehicles.

Cheats for Hack Dr. Driving, Android and iOS for free:

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  • Unlock 3 Cars for free – Yv-rh3g209f
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