Drag Racing 3D hack

It all starts out fairly original: three drunken girls do not want to get behind the wheel of a car, which they took to drive one of them from their father, and asked the hero to stay with their driver and throw them home. The hero is expecting to crash into the wagon and “get money”. To give debt to him they offer, winning in races, and, as if in mockery, give out for these purposes a broken-down “penny”. You can use free hacked Drag Racing 3D.

But it’s too early to despair! Having earned some money, you can buy yourself a wheelbarrow abruptly. Tracks are available in lengths of 1/2 and 1/4 miles. A wide selection of cars: more than 35, starting from ordinary city cars, ending with fast sports cars. In addition, pleasant bonus for domestic players – you can try in the business of the Russian car industry. Download Drag Racing 3D mod apk for free.

Drag Racing 3D cheat

Secrets and Tips:

The application is well representing visual car tuning. The player is able to change discs, bumpers, rapids, spoilers, add neon lights, adjust the suspension and paint the car in any color you like. In addition, you can improve and “stuffing”. There is an option to improve the engine, transmission, tires. Also, use free cheat codes Drag Racing 3D for Android and iOS.

The purchase of a turbo charger is available, if desired, the player can also reduce the weight of the car. What street race without the police? The police are in abundance, and hide from it will often, but from this drive on the night streets becomes only more interesting. Interestingly, the application mod Drag Racing 3D is missing donat.

All the game currency can be earning in the game and there is simply nothing to buy for real money. In this application there is no advertising. The graphics in the game are executed at a good level. For owners of weak gadgets, it is possible to lower this level to increase productivity. Control is carried out through a virtual joystick. Under the left hand buttons for changing the strip and starting / nitric oxide are made. Also, you can use free hacked game Age of Warring Empire.

Drag Racing 3D mod


Under the right – the gearshift button. This is an exciting and driving racing simulator without intrusive advertising and with simple controls. Plunge into the world of night racing and become the best! Below you can download the hacked “Drag Racing 3D” in which there will be a lot of money and improvements for the car.

Drag Racing 3D is an exciting race for Android. In them, the user will participate in intense drag-races. Initially, the user must purchase his first car for a limited amount of money, after which it is worth trying in the case. In addition, for the victory over rivals, riders will be able to receive cash rewards, which can be upgraded engine and other parts of the car, as well as work on the uniqueness of its appearance. You can also buy a new, faster car.

Hack Drag Racing 3D Cheats, Android and iOS:

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  1. Is by far my favorite mobile game of all time.I have maxed out gear and levels and have the tempest rage legendary enchantment on ago of my gear.
    Thanks for the codes,I want to unlock the elite equipment.


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