Dragon Hills 2, this is the continuation of the famous game, which players have downloaded tens of millions of times. And the second part brings even more action, dragons, cowboys and zombies. In this game can be downloaded for free on Android and it’s a great way to spend time with interest. A bright and colorful game has dozens of interesting and challenging tasks, and to achieve success in it you will need a lot of money. To do this, many are looking for a hacked Dragon Hills 2 and gain access to unlimited coins and precious stones. Let’s get acquainted with this game.

Interesting gameplay

Since Rebel Twins has examples of several popular games, this development has become a real breakthrough. Users appreciated the game, because the game has a unique and at the same time fascinating gameplay. Dragon Hills 2 for Android added many new features and features in the new version, but at the same time completely retained the popular concept. Since the game is free on android, there are purchases in it. And although you can play without them, with resources to play at times more interesting.

Dragon Hills 2 mod

Running the game in the first, first you will learn how to manage the dragon and explore its capabilities. Because he can break through the ground and take off the air, these opportunities must be used to the maximum to destroy everything around. This is a great way to distract, relax and throw out negative emotions.

In conclusion about the game, we can say that the plot remains the same. After downloading Dragon Hills 2 mod, you move into a fairy tale as a prince and use the dragon’s skills to find the princess. Having learned to control a huge dragon you will be able to control it and save your beloved. But the story does not end there, instead of saving the princess, he stole a lot of gold from the tyrant. Of course, he did not like this and this anger gave rise to endless persecution.

A lot of money in the game, gold

With the release of the new version of the game, gamers get new scenarios and opportunities. The management system has improved slightly, based on the feedback left. Already after the first tasks you will learn to precisely control each movement and get the maximum number of points. Hack Dragon Hills 2 a lot of money in the game is spent on improvements and upgrades. But the biggest sums have to spend to unlock the dragons, or robotic monsters.

Dragon Hills 2 codes

Each dragon has unique abilities, you can additionally use weapons. Because the game is free, additional resources and items in the game are bought for real money.
Control. With simple svaypov you can lift the dragon into the air and dive into the surface of the earth. Most things are amenable to destruction, but there are things that can stop your adventure.

Secrets and Tips:

Therefore, you should avoid pits with acid and dangerous flows, this will lead to the completion of the job. Dragon Hills 2 mod many money gives freedom and can be restored anywhere. Honestly, it’s slightly worsening the gameplay and will allow it to relax. This, in turn, removes concentration and motivation for a successful mission.

To unlock new dragons, you need to show your abilities. In addition, the game has different modes available, you can destroy zombies, fight with cowboys and destroy everything in the district. If you already played this game, you noticed a large number of gifts and the opportunity to get coins upon completion of the assignment. But they are still missing for a quick and successful passage. Money Dragon Hills 2 can be obtained in several ways, download a lot of money, or use a hack using codes. The second way will be much safer and will allow you to use the game updates in the future.

Dragon Hills 2 cheat

Graphics and sounds

In conclusion, I want to tell you about the most important thing, these are graphics improvements. The cartoon picture has become brighter and more detailed, which attracts the attention of new players. A variety of types of dragons and styles bring a new experience to the game. You will be able to unlock the dragons and choose a loved one, having experienced before everyone. All of them have similar abilities and unique features. With the update of the game Dragon Hills 2, new tasks are added, the developers are pleased with the endless improvements.

Separately I want to note the smoothness of the animation and the dynamics. Since the game takes only 66 MB, it can download every user. At the same time, he gets excellent graphics and high-quality picture. The Android game can be downloaded for free, iOS users can buy the game for a couple of dollars. But it is possible to get it for free, for this purpose it will be enough to learn to use cheat codes on iOS.

Hacked Dragon Hills 2 for Android and iOS:

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