Free game Dragon Mania Legends – someone breeds chickens, someone rams, and studio Gameloft offers to breed combat dragons. The game offers you to become the owner of a dragon farm, where in the bosom of nature you will be engaged in the cultivation of dragons. True, rural idyll will not work. Since dragons require a lot of attention, as well as treasures, which they must guard (well at least not the blood of virgins). And they are very ambitious. And this means that you will have to help your pets become the strongest, most powerful, bloodthirsty, and so on.

In the game, hacked Dragon Mania Legends cheat for diamonds and gems (money), you have to grow and train a whole dragon army, because the enemies do not doze, and very soon you can be convinced of this, after encountering on the battlefield with the eternal opponents of dragons – Vikings. Therefore, do everything in order to win the battlefield.Also, try the game Survival Heroes hack.

Dragon Mania Legends codes

Secrets of the game

1) In the game Dragonomania, released under the android about 50 kinds of dragons, each of which has its own secret. In order to successfully pass all the levels you have to unravel the secret of each dragon, in order to use its features in battles with enemies. Ypu do not need to download Dragon Mania Legends mod apk.

2) Initially, the dragons are rather weak. And in order to defeat the Vikings and other opponents, you need to use the mini-arena, which will train your dragons, make them stronger and develop magical abilities.

Dragon Mania Legends cheat

Recently, games where one of the main characters in action are dragons, are very popular. That’s cheat codes for Dragon Mania Legends hack on android was no exception. Many somehow believe that dragons are some evil creatures from mythology, but this is not true, just remember the film “Eragon”, and in our review toy, dragons will not kill everyone. The gameplay of the game assumes that you will revive the Dragonland, and fight with the Vikings. Throughout the game, your assistants will have a dragon expert who will give you advice and uncover the secrets of this unusual science.

In the game you will find as many as five game islands, where there will be missions, and their bosses, which will not be so easy to defeat. But, for them you will receive a worthy prize. Try also, to capture a mine with gold, or better not one, it will bring you a good income.

Dragon Mania Legends mod

Cheats for Hack Dragon Mania Legends for Android and iOS:

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  • No Ads – Tv-rg29fg
  • Diamond Card! for free – Rc-hr3q90r

Legends of Dragonomania gems for free for android will allow not only to grow, but also to cross different types of dragons. Of course, you can buy them in the store, but if you are not hard donat, then you will not be able to acquire much, they are very expensive. And by the way, absolutely every kind in the game can be deduced for free, most importantly, a little patience.



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