Dragon Storm hack

Entertaining arcade game Dragon Storm offers the user to experience a lot of unforgettable moments. The hero goes on a long journey full of dangers and a wide variety of adventures. He will face a giant army of monsters, and at the finish line – also with a powerful dragon. The plot of the game begins with the next campaign of the brave knight, which this time unexpectedly ends with a tragedy of universal proportions.

Accidentally discovering a magic sword, protruding directly from the depths of the earth. The hero decides to free him, not even knowing about the hidden danger. It turns out that the weapon concentrated in itself a world evil, and the unbridled force contained in it finally finds a way out. Control of the character is devoid of any particular difficulties. You can download Dragon Storm mod apk for free and fast.

Dragon Storm cheat

Secrets and Tips:

Use cheats Dragon Storm for free. The knight is in a static position, fighting off the attacks of the daring opponents around him. But do not assume that to pass the game – a pushover, not requiring effort. From level to level, the number of enemies will grow. And together with the number, the skill and agility of the enemy side will increase. The player will need more concentration, attentiveness and a decent reaction rate. Because the time allotted to defeat opponents is limited.

In the Dragon Storm there are also role elements. The hero is subject to improvement: acquires updated equipment and an impressive sharp sword. Winning the victory, the player gets the opportunity to accumulate an impressive experience of the character, which leads to an increase in the level of his skill. Who are you going to fight? Among the embittered enemies stand out and wild wolves, and goblins, and orcs, and demons, and also all sorts of magicians and shamans.


In the course of moving through the dark underground space, many useful finds will be found to simplify the combat technique. Expeditions promise the extraction of jewels. Despite the fact that the position of the controlled knight does not change, to call a game boring is simply not permissible. Animation, as befits games of this genre, is extremely dynamic and colorful.

Dragon Storm mod

The player will certainly appreciate the spectacular epilogue – a spectacular point in the epic narrative. Initially, the arcade has a free base, but at the 5th level there is a donate, meaning the need for some financial injections for further gameplay. Do not hesitate: small costs are more than justified! Below you can download the hacked Dragon Storm in which there will be a lot of money. For which you can buy everything you need in the game for your knight. You also can download new hacked games, like a Star Wars Rebels and Hotline Miami for free.

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Dragon Storm – classic action-RPG, inviting the player to take part in an epic adventure full of dangers. The user will control the main character, who set off on a journey through the lands of the state. All along the way, he will meet with many opponents, in whose power there will be goblins, living trees, fire-breathing lizards and other enemies. Also, gamers traditionally descend into the dungeon, where they can get valuable trophies and items of equipment. Increasing the level of the character and developing his skills, the user will receive the opportunity to protect the world from the dark forces.


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