Despite the large number of races, leisure games company releases its application called Drift Street 2018. It is a free drift simulator in which everyone can experience the unforgettable sensations of a real race. A simple, yet exciting game with interesting tasks and challenging challenges. Show what you are capable of in the turn, only hack Drift Street 2018 will enable you to unlock the car and get additional rewards.

A unique driving experience

First of all, you pay attention to colorful graphics, then you will have to get acquainted with realistic physics. Cheat codes Drift Street 2018 for Android gives a unique driving experience in the style of NFS. Here you can make a mistake, especially if you are a beginner. Intuitive control saves time on training, and you can quickly master the skills of a street racer. Because of the great competition in the race, you will need a powerful machine.

Drift Street 2018 cheat

It is from choosing auto and the game begins, but since you have a limited budget at the beginning, you’ll have to start with the weakest car. It is important to note that the game does not pretend to compete with Asphalte 9, or Grid. Here you will perform tasks related to drift and try to score the maximum number of points. City streets are waiting for you to unlock new tracks and maps, you need to constantly raise your level.

Game process

Any race starts with auto, choose based on characteristics and budget. Downloading Drift Street 2018 mod has dozens of cars, all of them you can experience on city streets. To add more realism, the machine has a unique physics on each surface. Therefore, you should consider the coverage factor, and the ability to perform tricks on asphalt, grass, or sand. For more convenient control, several types of cameras are available in the game. Therefore, everyone can choose the most convenient angle.

Drift Street 2018 codes

Management in the game is quite simple, but to gain experience points, you will have to master the drift skills. So you will see arrows on the screen for turns, pedals for acceleration and braking. In addition to this, you need to master the skills of using the handbrake and nitro. Correctly used acceleration, will get important points for victory. For each race the player receives coins, the money Drift Street 2018 can be spent on the purchase of a new car, or a wheelbarrow update.


Describing this game, I’d like to separately mark an excellent schedule. Since the game takes up very little space, it gives you the experience of console racing, which you could play a few years back. Cheats Drift Street 2018 in the game for Android are working without errors and everyone will be able to unlock all models of cars. Consequently, dozens of supercars can be in your possession. Constantly train skills to set a record and receive additional rewards.

Drift Street 2018 mod

The effects of the game are amazing, the animation of the game contributes to immersion, and the effects add realism. In this case, each car has a unique sound, which gives the experience of owning different supercars. Moving behind the wheel, you will experience the most realistic experience and get the opportunity to improve your skills. Interest in the game will be supported by interesting assignments and special missions.

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