In order to reach the top and become the best truck driver, the main player will have to burn rubber. The choice of various vehicles for winning is given rather wide. You can choose the car that you can ensure success in an exciting race. All set missions in the gameplay hacked Drift Zone: Trucks you will need to pass on a variety of routes, which is also very happy fans drive on trucks.

You will be competing with other players who, like you, will strive to win the championship by all means. Actually, this gameplay is designed for this. Chase with your friends, arrange a real drift! To the characteristics of the game you need to include excellent 3D graphics and many positive updates, which mainly relate to racing cars. Gamers are offered as many as 30 different levels and 12 great seasons for a variety of racing rides. Mod Drift Zone: Trucks downloading will greatly please many runner-lovers, since everyone has long been tired of driving sports cars.

Drift Zone: Trucks mod

Secrets and Tips:

Moreover, it pleases owners of gadgets with the Android operating system. Now you can choose a cool, powerful car monster and overcome a variety of virtual tracks. The game is full of graphic and light effects, there is even a twinkle from the turns of the wheels, a trace of smoke and midnight dusk. Of the physical effects available slowdown, acceleration, allows the player to most effectively manage their truck. USe cheats Drift Zone: Trucks for free.

The game is suitable for both the smallest generation of gamers to improve their skills, and enough experienced players to improve. Bright picture, effects and rampant race on a beautiful powerful truck with amazing features will allow any gamer to enjoy the runner. This game is recommended for any gamer, because it is devoid of any negativity, and the desire for primacy must be developed in any person. Below you can download the hacked Drift Zone: Trucks in which there will be a lot of money for purchases.


  • Realistic graphics and effects. The game from the creators of Drift Zone
  • Crazy speeds and crazy turns
  • Large truck and truck fleet
  • Improve, customize, customize
  • 12 seasons, 30 levels

Drift Zone: Trucks cheat

Drift Zone: Trucks – 3D racing simulator drift on trucks. More than 40 unique tracks are ready to meet real professionals! Try yourself in the drift, driving not a small Japanese sporkar, but a real tractor, truck or wagon. Full three-dimensional graphics, destructive effects and excellent realism. Get behind the wheel of one of the trucks and pull the handbrake. Pass the control points, level by level, improve your iron monster and prove that “driving sideways” on a truck is much cooler. You can download new hacked Knights Chronicle for free.

Hack Drift Zone: Trucks Cheat codes for Android and iOS:

  • Get + 480 000 Cash for free – Kc-r0239h
  • No Ads – Cl-r2309h
  • Unock 3 Items for free – Tg-2gt982f


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